After months of knee pain, I received cortisone injections in both knees. The shots did little to alleviate my pain. After some research, I found Deb, who assessed that my knee pain was from years of my body not being properly aligned. She is helping me work through the issues, and I can't tell you how much better I feel! She truly is gifted and passionate about helping people feel better. I could not be happier!


Deb continues to help with all of my aches and pains. I don't know what I would do without her! I first met Deb in 2006 when she cured a chronic pain injury I suffered in 2004. Since then she's helped with other overuse injuries, and most recently my Dupuytren's Contracture. Thank you, Deb!


I've worked with Deb in both private and group classes over the past year or so. The results have been nothing less than amazing. I've incorporated what I've learned from her into my daily stretches and exercises, which has allowed me to do things that I used to avoid due to fear of lower back pain or muscle soreness. Deb has shown me what to do to keep myself healthy and capable of exercising on a regular basis. I offer my highest recommendations. Thanks for the great job, Deb.


In the last ten years, I've had multiple surgeries on my feet and both shoulders. After months of not being able to sleep because my shoulder pain had returned, I went to my doctor who prescribed yet another surgery.

Looking for alternatives, I went to my chiropractor who referred me to Deb Preachuk at PainFree Posture MN. He wasn’t sure what she did but said she had helped several of his patients.

Deb explained that the multiple surgeries I'd endured were merely an attempt to fix symptoms that were being caused by a misalignment in other parts of my body. Until I corrected my alignment issues, the symptoms would periodically reappear. An alternative would be to eliminate the symptoms forever by fixing the underlying postural misalignment problems through a particular corrective exercise program (Posture Alignment Therapy).

It sounded too good to be true, but the Egoscue Method article and book (Pain Free by Pete Egoscue) she gave me made much sense, so I decided to leap of faith and started working with her.

Initially, I attended monthly sessions with Deb where she taught me a new set of exercises; then I did them on my own on a daily basis.

Progress was slow but sure, and I was encouraged enough to start seeing her twice a month. Within ten months my shoulder pain was gone!

Around Christmas (2009) I started to experience knee pain. The day after Christmas it became so severe that I called Deb to request an emergency visit. She had me come right over, identified the problem, and showed me how my posture was related to my pain.

Deb said it was “fixable” through corrective exercises, and that if we gave the body a chance to align correctly, the knee had a chance to heal. (I later had an orthopedic surgeon take an MRI and diagnosed with a torn meniscus that needed surgical repair.)​


Now, after working with Deb and no surgery, my knee pain is completely gone! We worked on correcting the origins of my structural misalignment and resulting compensation movements with my feet and shoulders.

Deb has been excellent at explaining to me where my postural alignment has been abnormal according to the “blueprint” design of the human body, what that has caused my frame to do, and how that has affected my movement.

She does an excellent job of explaining why specific exercises are assigned, and how they will help modify and ultimately change and improve the way I move.

Because I am now PAIN-FREE, I've progressed to STOTT Pilates sessions to aid in strengthening the correct muscles and movement patterns.

Deb has always been flexible with our appointments if I could only come once a month that was fine. She helped me become pain-free, and I am now changing a lifetime of dysfunctional ankles and joint compensations. I am a massive advocate of Deb, and her work, she is genuinely a phenomenal professional with the ability to help in a medically non-invasive way."