Your Quick Corrective Exercise Sequence To Improve Your Posture and Reduce Pain

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Hello, PainFree Posture fans! I haven't posted anything new in over four months even though I must have 50 or more drafts in my idea folder!


I am working my way back to posting content more frequently, I promise.

To get back on track, I thought my readers would enjoy something educational AND interactive. A post that might make your mind, body, and spirit feel and move ust a little bit better.

So what could be better than a FREE, and quick (20 minutes) corrective exercise/posture alignment exercise routine for you? I can never stress how important it is to have a corrective exercise and mobility program in place as part of your self-care. Posture alignment and mobilization exercises are priceless in value because they keep the body balanced and help minimize the risk of injury, and reduce or entirely eliminate chronic muscle and joint pain.

To begin, I recommend you do 8-10 minutes of key mobilizations or self-myofascial release work to prime the body first. For example:

Shoulder Girdle Warm-Up

Foam Roller Sequence

The foam roller sequence is just a suggestion. It isn't mandatory at all. Based on personal experience and professional reports from clients, there seems to be a longer-lasting sensation of a positive outcome from doing a corrective exercise (posture alignment) program AFTER foam rolling. I do not have any vetted research to support this; it's just anecdotal from client reports.

Corrective Exercise

Next, go on to this corrective exercise/posture alignment correcting exercise series:

  1. Gravity Drop (3 minutes)

  2. Wall Drop Wall Presses (2 x - 20 reps)

  3. Static Wall (90 seconds)

  4. Static Wall Pull Backs (10 x each leg)

  5. Static Wall Femur Rotations (3 x - 10 reps)

  6. Wall Frog (2 minutes)

  7. Sitting Floor (3 minutes)

  8. Sitting Floor Elbow Curls (1 x - 20-25 reps)

  9. Static Back * add in 5-10 abdominal contractions (5 to 10 minutes)

  10. Static Back with Hands Behind Head (2 minutes)

  11. Static Back Pull-overs (3 x -10 reps)

To wrap it up, I would finish by loading the body and highly recommend the Foundation Training 8 Point Plank (try three sets of 20-second holds).  

Now if you're unfamiliar with these movements, not to worry! Head on over to the Puori (formerly PurePharma) blog. I had the privilege and tremendous opportunity to write posts for them. My post entitled 10 Mobility Exercises for Balance and Recovery is a fantastic resource and has more in-depth written description along with links to my YouTube Channel with online video instruction.

Give it a try and be sure to share your feedback in the comments, or drop me an email.  

We're in this together. I'm here to help.  

Coach Deb

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Author: Deb Preachuk is a Certified Foundation Training & STOTT Pilates Instructor, Corrective Exercise & Posture Alignment Specialist, and the founder/owner of Pain Free Posture MN.

You can follow Deb on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, or subscribe to her YouTube or Instagram pages.

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