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The Healthy Habit Challenge - Day 12

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Day 12 - Make a Plan and DO THE WORK!

What’s your plan? Today’s #HealthyHabitChallenge is all about implementing a plan AND doing the work.

Clients of mine often ask why goal planning sessions are mandatory and necessary.

The simple truth is you need to clearly define the goal and have Specific Measurable Actions Over Time

Don’t have one? You’ll continue to bump along without a way to measure your progress or make the necessary tweaks and adjustments to re-test again at a specific time.

I’d be a liar and a terrible coach if I didn’t tell you that there are lots of days I don’t want to stick to my plan. But then, the only person I can blame is myself. Here’s my current personal plan:

  • Strength train 3x/week ( I have a 12-week #OlympicLifting strength program I cycle through four times/year. I’m currently in my third round. This gives me eight weeks off per year)

  • @orangetheoryburnsville 2x/week (I pre-book my sessions for the month, and they’re in the calendar with a reminder set)

  • I pick @nikerunningclub challenges to do at my leisure to supplement my strength days (I try to do one long run/week and aim for 75-90 minutes)

  • I do a minimum of one (and aim for two) at-home #HIT for #metabolicconditioning

  • I do a #CorrectiveExercise program EVERY DAY! It's usually part of my cool-down, and sometimes a stand-alone routine on #restday

  • On the rest day, I add some #selfmyofascial release work or #foamrolling

  • I ALWAYS do a #Mobility based #WarmUp for any strength or at-home HIT training

  • I go to bed around 8:00 pm most nights, and have a rule that I don’t train if I don’t get 7 hours of sleep

  • I take a #BCAA during each workout, and all my #supplements are stationed right by my coffee maker, so I never forget to take them with my morning coffee

Then I have #family and #homelife plans

  • As a family, we limit eating out to once/week or less. If we eat out, we choose as minimally processed and as #nutrientdense as possible. Often this is @chipolte @Hy-vee #saladbar @CostaVida @freshii or #pho (but I learned how to make it at home DAY so that this one might be going bye-bye)

  • I #mealprep on Sundays (today I made #proteinballs and homemade #italianmeatballs. When I mess up with this I buy @powerplatemeals

Sexy right? NOT! Other things I plan are

  • set up my monthly work schedule

  • limit my screen time to 45-minutes in the morning to do office correspondence

  • I don’t go to bed until all the dishes are clean

  • run the laundry in the morning before work and deal with it as soon as I get home

Setting goals is one thing. Saying I want to change my life, is only an idea. Not a plan. The plan is easy. But setting it up, then showing up, is a whole other conversation. It’s work, day-after-day showing up and enduring the monotony to ensure my success. The point is, if I don’t have a #plan for my life and goals, then there’s no way to measure progress. Life creeps up on us. What’s your plan? Need help? Reach out, that’s what I do.