Take The 30-Minute Walk For Distance Challenge

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Today as we settle into a new month of #selfisolation and #socialdistancing, I am encouraging you to get out of the house because today is NATIONAL WALKING DAY! National Walking Day is April 1, and of course, it's also April Fools Day, but this is no joke. I'm serious! Today I am challenging you to a 30-minute walk for distance

Today is the perfect opportunity for all my clients and fans to get on their home treadmills, or even better go outside to stretch your legs and get your hearts pumping. The American Heart Association sponsors this day to remind people about the health benefits of taking a walk. Leave the indoors & take on the #NationalWalkingDay challenge! On this day, millions of people throughout the United States will come together while maintaining social distance to take steps to live a healthier life for themselves, their families, and their communities.

National Walking Day

Count yourself in! Yes, things this year are a bit more complicated for us all due to #COVID19, but with the proper steps in place, you’re still allowed to go outside and take a walk, but make sure you’re keeping a significant social distance from everyone else to keep you (and them) safe. Commit yourself to walk at least 30 minutes today (and every day for that matter). Not only will you take good care of your heart health, but you can help raise awareness on the importance of walking for physical activity. 

If you fully participate in the challenge, use your iWatch, pedometer, or another online metric calculator to figure out your distance accumulated in your 30-minute walk. You can then use it as a #benchmark of your fitness and progress by repeating the time in two, four, or six-weeks time. As a health and fitness coach, I can't stress how motivating it is when individuals see their improvement metrics (it can come in the form of time, distance, pace, perceived effort/exertion, or all the above). 

If you DO participate (inside or outside) in the National Walking Day 30-Minute Challenge, PLEASE snap a photo of you in action and share it with us. Post on my Facebook or Instagram page & tag us for a shout out! So lace up those sneakers & if you use one, get those heart rate monitors ready! 👟⌚️🏃🏻🚶🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♂️🚶🏻 

And because I love you so much, in addition to challenging you, I'd like to share a #toeandfoot self mobilization and #correctiveexercises you can do to prepare your body for the activity before you head out. 

Toe and Foot Mobility Series To Help Reclaim the Feet

The Reclaiming Your Feet self-myofascial/mobilization exercises are a useful activity you can do daily as part of a self-care/downregulation practice to help improve posture and function of the toes, feet, and ankles, and with time help reduce and alleviate chronic muscle and joint pain. These exercises are intended for instructional use only. As with any activity, they should be performed pain-free. Always seek the advice of your primary care provider, physical therapist or corrective exercise/posture specialist for a program designed for your unique needs.

10 Minute Corrective Exercises Program To Prep

  1. Supine (On Your Back) Foot Circles & Point/Flexes (20 - 40 repetitions of each)

  2. Supine (On Your Back) Calf & Hamstring Stretch (90 seconds - 2 minutes each)

  3. Runner's Stretch (90 seconds to 2 minutes per side)

  4. Downward Dog (90 seconds to 2 minutes per side)

Post Walk Hip/Glute Lower Body Stretch Sequence

Remember, we're in this together, and I am here to help! Now get out there and get walking!

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Stock Photo Credit: Shutterstock.com Head Photo Credit: Melissa Thome Photography

Author: Deb Preachuk, BRS, BPE, CF-L1, Pn-1, is a Comprehensive Certified STOTT Pilates Instructor, Level 2 Foundation Training Instructor, TBMM Corrective Exercise & Posture Alignment Specialist, and the founder/owner of Pain Free Posture MN.   In addition to running PainFree Posture MN, Deb is a Fitness Coach at Orangetheory Fitness and teaches regularly at the Apple Valley, MN location.

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