Day Six - Healthy Habit Accountability Challenge

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💥💥 For the next two weeks, I am sharing one #healthyhabit to practice and keep ourselves accountable to being our best selves every day during self-isolation due to COVID-19 💥💥

If you're just joining us you can catch up and review:

Day Six - Prioritize Sleep and Recovery Time

Today’s #HealthyHabitAccountabilityChallenge is all about helping you understand the importance and value of #sleep and #recoverytime.

As a #nutritioncoach, I’d say this is one of the areas many of my clients undervalue and overlook when it comes to trying to change #bodycompositionand #lifestyle changes.

Are you tired of being tired?

You're not alone. Sleep specifically, and recovery are the most effective performance enhancers a human can invest it. Period. And I'm talking about a full night sleep. Eight to nine hours.

Why? First, if you've been operating on less than 6 hours a night on a regular basis, you are:

  • You're twice as likely to get in a car accident

  • You're 200% more likely to have a heart attack

  • Your risk of cancer, heart disease, and Alzheimer's is substantially higher

“The shorter your sleep, the shorter your life. The leading causes of disease and death in developed nations—diseases that are crippling health-care systems, such as heart disease, obesity, dementia, diabetes, and cancer—all have recognized causal links to a lack of sleep.”

Dr. Matthew Walker, Ph.D., Author of Why We Sleep

In today’s face-paced society, we all face increased #stress and #lifedemands, which can magnify your mind and body’s response to an already over-pressured day or schedule. In light of our current #stayathomeorder due to #COVID19, this is a beautiful opportunity for us to address our sleep hygiene and work towards re-establishing it as a #healthyhabit.

According to the #CDC, more than one-third of all Americans DON’T GET ENOUGH SLEEP.

Lack of sleep can make us:

📌 sick

📌 overeat

📌 hormonally imbalanced

📌 inflamed

📌 brain fogged

📌 prone to accident or injury

The NHI reports that chronic and long-term sleep deprivation can lead to an increased risk of:

📌 stroke

📌 obesity

📌 heart disease

📌 diabetes “

"Sleep is one of the most democratic, freely available, efficacious forms of health insurance”

Dr. Matthew Walker, Ph.D., Author of Why We Sleep

I highly recommend you invest time to learn more. An accessible introduction with a powerful message is on Dr. Rangan Chatterjee’s @drchatterjee #feelbetterlivemore Podcast interview with Dr. Mathew Walker:

Episode One

Episode Two

Another great resource is The Power of Sleep: Nature's Greatest Health and Performance Enhancer on The Ready State Blog, or check out @ScienceInsider @YouTube or Dr. Walker's Ted Talk

What Happens To Your Body And Brain If You Don't Get Sleep

Sleep Is Your Superpower

Sleep is a #superpower, and during times like #COVID19 when we are already stressed as it is, getting more rest and sleep could be the additional piece you can work on to add to your resiliency.

Questions? Need help? Want to talk? Reach out. I'd love to connect and hear from you. Remember, we're in this together. I'm here to help.

You can follow Coach Deb on Facebook, Twitterand LinkedIn, or subscribe to her YouTube, or Instagram pages.

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Author: Deb Preachuk, BRS, BPE, CF-L1, Pn-1, is a Comprehensive Certified STOTT Pilates Instructor, Level 2 Foundation Training Instructor, TBMM Corrective Exercise & Posture Alignment Specialist, and the founder/owner of Pain Free Posture MN.  

In addition to running PainFree Posture MN, Deb is a Fitness Coach at Orangetheory Fitness and teaches regularly at the Apple Valley, MN location.

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