Day Eight - Healthy Habit Accountability Challenge

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

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đź’Ąđź’Ą For the next two weeks, I am sharing one #healthyhabit to practice and keep ourselves accountable to being our best selves every day during self-isolation due to COVID-19 đź’Ąđź’Ą

If you're just joining us you can catch up and review all the previous days.

DAY 8 - Share Your Vulnerability

Today's #HealthyHabitAccountabilityChallenge is to encourage you to share your #vulnerability. As days have strung into weeks of sheltering in place, we are all experiencing emotions much like what we go through in the grieving process. It ranges from grief to anger and reasoning. Some days we accept things and other days, our situations make us angry or just want to cry.

As a coach, I don't pretend to be a superhero or something I'm not. I don't always have my act together, and I'd be the first person to tell a client that I completely UNDERSTAND and EMPATHIZE with their struggles and challenges. I have them too! If I listen to the lies that pop up in my head or believe the social media #fitspo garbage out there, I wouldn't be helping anyone. Some of it is #impostersyndrome and common untrue thoughts are, "I'm too old, too female, too fat, to blah, blah, blah. I'm not good enough or a "perfect" model of what a coach should be." Or am I? See what I did there? Some days all I want to do is stay in my pajamas, and watch Netflix all day. I can't find any motivation to do anything productive, and I want to eat all the things that will temporarily make me feel better.

There you go. It's easy now that I do it all the time. I admitted my vulnerability. Indeed, I sometimes think of these things. I used to suffer from imposter syndrome and stupid lies in my head ALL THE TIME, but very little now. Why? I learned to share my vulnerability with others over the years, to have honest and fierce conversations full of truth. And by learning to do this, with time have found my strength to fight back against what isn't right or real and get back on track. I believe firmly in the power of sharing a vulnerability that I post "real me" photos, movement struggles, emotional hang-ups, or situations where I feel the challenge to forgive or change. Sharing my story can be the key that unlocks someone else's prison. I find #community and #strength, and there's always at least one person who will reach out to tell me "thanks" for inspiring them to do the same. When it comes to #nutrition or any other #habitchange or #goal, it's okay to admit where you struggle and need encouragement. In an earlier post from this series [See Day Two and Three], I talked about eating according to your #corevalues. It sounds easy to do, but if you can't reveal to yourself (let alone another) that you don't love yourself or feel you are worthy or deserving of love, then it's pretty hard to change your eating habits. I don't need to be perfect to inspire and help another human being, and my changes are what makes me healthy so that I can help you! Stop expecting or wanting everything to be easy, smooth, or perfect. It doesn't exist, and neither should you hire a coach who tells you that it is. #speaktruthtothebullshit

If this piqued your curiosity, I highly recommend investing in any of her books, but in particular #ThePowerofVulnerability or #RisingStrong by @brenebrown.

And during these long days of sheltering in place due to COVID19, Dr. Brown launched a phenomenal podcast called Unlocking Us. I can't recommend it enough!

Questions? Need help? Want to talk? Reach out. I'd love to connect and hear from you. Remember, we're in this together. I'm here to help.

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Author: Deb Preachuk, BRS, BPE, CF-L1, Pn-1, is a Comprehensive Certified STOTT Pilates Instructor, Level 2 Foundation Training Instructor, TBMM Corrective Exercise & Posture Alignment Specialist, and the founder/owner of Pain Free Posture MN. 


In addition to running PainFree Posture MN, Deb is a Fitness Coach at Orangetheory Fitness and teaches regularly at the Apple Valley, MN location.

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