Push Up

At PainFree Posture MN, we believe in individualized care, which means that no treatment or session is ever the same. Together we can isolate the root causes of chronic muscle and joint pain problems and then work alongside your primary care practitioners to provide you with tools and a SMART goal progressive training plan to help you move well, and often.


Our Hybrid Personal Training option allows you to have a completely customized training session at a fraction of the cost and is a practical way to help motivate and progress you toward accomplishing your specific goals.  

When you work one on one with Coach Deb, whether it's to improve mobility, strength or flexibility, decreasing pain, changing your body composition and level of fitness, or improving the way you move will enhance the way you feel. 

Hybrid Personal training is an excellent option to invest in if

  • you require an individualized program to meet specific needs and goals

  • you rely on a coaches "eye" to detail, cueing, technical instruction and feedback,

  • you have reached a plateau in their current training program.

The number of visits with a trainer depends on your specific needs and goals, along with your trainer's recommendation. The more you meet with your trainer, the easier it will be to achieve success!


The majority of our clients fall into this category once chronic pain is under control.  Most want to continue working with Deb Preachuk at Pain Free Posture MN consistently.  


Hybrid Personal Training Sessions can include any combination of the following therapeutic and fitness programming modalities:


  • Traditional Personal Training (Cardiovascular & Strength for Fitness)

  • CrossFit Coaching Private Instruction & Movement Analysis

  • Precision Nutrition Certified Coaching

  • Customized Corrective Exercise Instruction 

  • Customized Stretching & Mobility Programming

  • Foundation Training

  • Customized Self-myofascial Release

  • Pilates 

  • Yoga


They are as eclectic and unique as each of our clients is.  


This option allows for the greatest freedom to train you with the right mix of modalities to help you meet your specific needs on a 1-3x/week basis.

Hybrid Personal Training Pricing


This service INCLUDES any corrective exercise modality offered at PainFree Posture MN.   (Foundation Training, STOTT Pilates®, The BioMechanics Method Corrective Exercise, National Posture Institute, Egoscue University Posture Alignment, Fitness Training, or customized mobility and stretching programming.

Occasional Appointments:  These sessions are best for individuals who are motivated to do 15-30 minutes of corrective exercise on their own without additional coaching and are not coming into the studio every week.  You can complete the program at home, or the gym before/after a workout.


  • $75/session  

  • Duration:  45 - 60 Minutes  


Weekly Sessions:  If you are a person who knows you achieve the best results with in-person coaching and instruction and you want the routine of weekly (or more) personal training session each week. The modalities include corrective exercise, Egoscue or National Posture Institute, STOTT Pilates, mobility exercises, general fitness programming or any combination you need to ensure your body moves and feels it's best.


  • $60 - 1 session/week 

  • $100 - 2 sessions/week  

  • $120 - 3 sessions/week


For a semi-private (two or more individuals) personal training session, ADD $10/person to each of these amounts

  • $70 - 1 session/week ($35/person)

  • $110 - 2 sessions/week ($27.50/person/workout)

  • $140 - 3 sessions/week ($23.30/person/workout)

Thank you, Deb, for all you do for me, my family, and all you reach with your valuable information. 

As a client of yours, I feel incredibly blessed.  I wish I could give you back the world as you have given the world back to me. 

I love coming to work with you.  Thank you for all you do Deb!

Ann M. - Elko - New Market, MN