Foundation Training

  What Exactly Are Foundation Training and Egoscue Method and How Can They Help You?

Both foundation training and the Egoscue method are techniques that can be used to help relieve back, neck, shoulder and hip pain in a natural fashion through the use of exercises. If you are in pain, you may be wondering what exactly these techniques are and how they can help to relieve the pain you are in.


Foundation training involves strengthening your body's foundation, or core. When you have a stronger core, your posture and spine are typically aligned and it is harder for your spine to get out of alignment. Having a stronger core also increases the strength in your body, which also helps to prevent injuries from occurring.


The Egoscue method involves using exercises to help align your spine and ensure that your posture is correct. In addition to helping to align your spine, this method also uses exercises to strengthen the weakened or painful part of your body, such as your hips or back, in an effort to strengthen those specific parts. Strengthening body parts not only helps them to heal from injury, but can help to decrease the risk of re-injury in the future.


While foundation training and the Egoscue method are two different methods, the ideology behind both of them is similar. Having an aligned spine can help to prevent undue strain on other parts of your body that can lead to pain and/or injury. By working on improving your spinal alignment and strengthening your body, you can naturally treat the pain you are feeling and prevent that pain in the future.

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