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PainFree Posture MN is a corrective exercise, lifestyle change, and habit-based nutrition studio.  


We offer a wide variety of complementary restorative exercise modalities all designed to bring relief to painful muscle and joint conditions, improve posture, fitness levels, and body composition.


We specialize in working with individuals looking to overcome chronic muscle and joint pain due to common musculoskeletal imbalances.  


Unless acute and recent, the pain most people (of all ages and genders) experience didn’t just happen overnight.


We are focused on treating you as a WHOLE BODY and the WHOLE PERSON.  

Instead of treating the symptom, we will work with you to find the right hybrid of corrective exercise using simple mobility, stretching and strengthening exercises to correct your movement patterns and muscle function/balance.  


We believe that there isn't one perfect and singular approach to eliminating pain, improving posture and aiding in body composition and fitness change.  It's creating the hybrid of several and using the best approach that works with your unique needs that we strive to offer in a personalized plan.  

Frequently asked questions

What are your studio hours?

Monday 9:00 am - 3:00 pm Wednesday 9:00 am - 3:00 pm Friday 9:00 am - 3:00 pm Please contact us to book your session. All appointments are on a first come, first serve basis and session availability is limited. Group Classes scheduled throughout the year. Registration required. NOTE: We observe the ISD 194 school district schedule (school in services days, late starts and weather advisory) AND CLOSE during the government recognized Holidays:

Do you accept insurance?

No. Some health savings plans to cover the cost of sessions. To get more information, please contact your local provider for details.

Where are you located?

PainFree Posture MN is located in Lakeville, Minnesota We are a in home based studio. When you arrive please park on the street, and enter at the froont door. 17463 Grove Avenue Lakeville, MN 55044

What type of payment to you accept?

Cash (preferred) or Venmo (Deb-Preachuk) only. All payments are due PRIOR to the START of a session.

What are your office hours?

I am with clients the majority of my workday. If you've sent an email or left a voicemail, may be 24-hours or the next business day to receive a reply. Your consideration and patience is greatly appreciated. Please ensure your email is active and current, as well as your cell phone number for text purposes. The BEST way to get ahold of me is via EMAIL. I schedule and reply to all written, text and phone call correspondence as in the order received during my available office hours (usually from 6:00 - 7:00 am) Monday - Friday.

What is your client cancellation policy?

A cancellation made less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment (non-emergency) is considered a late cancel and charged in full. A late cancel does not have the option for make-ups. This ensures that the instructor is paid for the time set aside for your scheduled session and that other clients waiting for an open appointment time slot are not penalized. Thank you for your consideration! Please cancel your session 24-hours ahead of time. You can use the contact usform or leave us a phone/text message at (952) 807-3454. Failure to do so will result in a charge for the time pre-booked.

Do you have a studio ettiquite policy?

Yes! Here are some important things to note about studio ettiquite at PRPMN. * During the fall/winter or wet weather, please take off and leave your wet/outdoor boots at the front entrance. Please hang up your outdoor jackets and coats in the hall way closet. * Restroom located adjacent to the studio. * Perfume free appreciated! * Session start and end promptly as scheduled. Additional appointment/coaching time may be booked in 15 minute increments for an additional $25 * If you arrive more than 5 minutes before your scheduled session, please wait outside as often I am wrapping things up with another client and can only see one person at a time.
* Please park on the street, and leave the driveway clear for family use.

What is PainFree Posture MN's cancellation policy?

PainFree Posture MN reserves the right to cancel sessions due to sudden instructor illness or family emergency. I will notify you via email or text immediately in such cases, and will reschedule your session at your convenience. If I am dealing with a typical cold and it is the first 28-Hours of symptoms, I will inform you and give you the right to cancel without a charge. Your health is my number one priority!

Is working with Coach Deb RIGHT for you?

Perhaps he biggest myth about our services is that you have to be in chronic pain to reap the benefits of partnering with us. That couldn't be further from the truth! Regardless of age, gender, or ability, everyone can benefit from living in a body that is balanced. Working with a specialist like Deb Preachuk at PainFree Posture MN is DIFFERENT than your traditional personal training scenarios, and it is perfect for anyone requiring:

  • a customized program to meet specific needs and goals
  • working with a trainer with integrity and deep core values focused on supporting the client
  • individual attention, feedback and patient instruction
  • a basline to begin and measure transformation from
  • help breaking through a plateau in their current training program
The number of visits with will depend entirely on your specific needs, goals, and your budget. My job is to support you with both all these parameters in mind and work with you to come up with a realistic plan to help you progress and achieve success! Our typical client is one who is either currently experiencing joint and muscle pain and looking for non-surgical ways to overcome it , and/or wants to improve his/her overall level of fitness in activities of daily living and athletics and change body composition. If that describes you, ask yourself the following questions: 1. Do you want to be self-reliant and empowered to get your body into the best posture, motion patterns and physical health as possible? 2. Would you like to avoid surgery or prescription medications? 3. Do you need to lose weight, change your body composition and overall fitness (muscular strength, endurance, cardiovasular and flexibility) base? 4. Do you have nagging or episodic pain that comes and goes for years and want an at-home protocol you can do on your own resolve it? 5. Have you experienced limited or no success with traditional medical -based therapies and need a Coach to help you bridge the missing information gap? 6. Are you an athlete looking to get an edge on your competition and enhance your performance with imporved muscle and joint mobility /stability? 7. Would you like to improve your posture, overall fitness or body composition, but not sure how to do it on your own?
If you answered YES to any or all of these questions then corrective exercise and lifestyle change personal training with Deb Preachuk at Pain Free Posture MN is RIGHT FOR YOU! Contact Deb to schedule your first session today!

What makes working with you DIFFERENT?

As your Coach I believe and teach from the perspective that YOU Are MORE Than Just A Body! You're Not a Symptom, A Problem or a Pain. You are NOT Fat, a Failure or without Hope. My mission is to treat YOU, The Whole You and Your Body as a Unit. This means we practice from a place of compassion, understanding fully that you require coaching in all aspects of being human (mind, body and spirit) in order to heal and change. All our services are non-medical and non-invasive therapeutic modalities grounded in the exercise science of health and human performance, biomechanics, functional movement and motor learning patterns. We analyze the relationship between the current joint position, muscular function and biomechanics of the human body as it relates to it's "blue-print" or proper anatomical design and function. A few key principles separate our work from all other modalities.

  1. Anatomical and Functional Design | We believe that the body was designed perfectly, with the joints positioned at ninety-degree angles, level, and stacked in a straight vertical line. Aside from acute trauma (severe accident requiring reconstructive surgery) or genetic abnormalities addressing the current position of the joints is necessary for your recovery.
  2. Dysfunctions & Compensations | Every activity, inactivity and injury will have an effect on muscle length and tension, and consequently joint position. Continual and complete recruitment of the neuromuscular system is essential for health and will serve to re-establish proper joint position.
  3. Treat the Root of the Problem, Not Just the Symptom | We address your past and current injuries/symptoms as related problems because the body functions as an integrated unit, not as separate parts. This allows us to more effectively diagnose the cause of pain and instability and provide you with an effective solution.
  4. Whole Body Approach | Traditional medicine focuses on healing the specific area of pain and discomfort, but we resolve the root cause of your pain, not just the symptoms, so that you can experience complete and long-term relief.

How can you help me get out of chronic muscle and joint pain?

When you partner with Coach Deb, she will begin educating you to assess your current posture (position) as it presents itself relative to your anatomical and functional design (See Why Am I In Pain? Your Posture Matters - Get The Facts) Inactivity, repetitive motion, traumatic injury and gravity all affect joint position and over time create muscular imbalances, joint restrictions or hyper-mobility and therefore compensations in your movement patterns. Common culprits can include prolonged periods of sitting or standing, and engaging in one sided or repetitive sports/activities. The ability to re-establish proper muscle and joint position hinges on identifying and unraveling muscular compensations. Then the muscles must be stimulated to maintain proper length, tension and stability. When the joints are properly aligned, the body will be able to move freely and efficiently. The wear and tear and joint inflammation will be reduced, cartilage will have the opportunity to regenerate, and you will be able to move more freely and with ease than you have in years. And, because all of the body systems are interrelated, you may also experience relief of symptoms in the digestive, circulatory, or other organ systems. Through our unique whole body approach, we will help you take proactive and empowered action to existing and impending problems within the muscular, fascia and nervous systems of your body.

Why is correcting my posture and function important?

We know the human body develops through motion. Our bones, muscles and connective tissue respond to demand or work, which is the body’s response to gravity. It is what initiates the growth and maintenance of our tissues. The amount and quality of our movement as we grow directly effects the development of our musculoskeletal system. We live in a world dependent upon modern transportation and technical gadgets to perform our tasks. Because of this we no longer develop and maintain proper muscle balance that naturally supports our skeletal system through the physical demands of our daily activities. For exercise we tend to concentrate on specific athletic endeavors rather than moving throughout our day like our ancestors did. The first step in addressing the question of why am I in chronic pain then depends on assessing your posture as it currently presents itself compared to your functional and anatomical design. Posture is an important consideration in all activities of daily living (e.g., walking, lifting objects and driving). Keeping good posture can make a difference to the long-term health of your spine. Many postural problems are detectable at early stages, regardless of age. If not corrected, these issues inevitably become more pronounced. Due to our lack of movement, or movement patterns that are dysfunctional or compensating in nature (developed due to a lifetime of posture habits, or contributed to from accidents or injuries) our musculoskeletal system creates compensations and we develop imbalances in our bodies. You can see evidence of this with each new generation. These changes to the original design lead to dysfunctions that alter the ability of the body to function correctly. Our whole system is effected when the integrity of the structural or postural muscles are compromised. The curve in the back changes, the hips tilt forward and the whole body must compensate for the change of position. These misalignments lead to abnormal wear and tear in the joints and as time passes this will eventually lead to musculoskeletal breakdowns, injury and pain. Misalignments can also affect how the other systems of your body work, including your digestive, cardiovascular and respiratory systems. Corrective exercise facilitate normal muscle function and interaction. When muscles function properly the body works efficiently and we move without pain and discomfort. The human body is designed so that each system compliments another. The internal organs rely on proper alignment and movement of the musculoskeletal system to function efficiently. For example, if our upper back is rounded it can restrict the amount of oxygen we take in thus compromising our respiratory system. When the digestive system is compressed by the rib cage the way we metabolize food is slowed down. The body functions best when everything is aligned. PainFree Posture MN offers a variety of complimentary therapeutic modalities that help you retrain the muscles and joint function of our bodies. Coach Deb Preachuk has years of education AND professional experience and will work with you to create the right style of porgramming to meet your unique needs.

What is posture?

Posture is an important consideration in all activities of daily living (e.g., walking, lifting objects and driving). Keeping good posture can make a difference to the long-term health of your spine. Many postural problems are detectable at early stages, regardless of age. If not corrected, these issues will become more pronounced.
1. What is posture? Posture is a state of skeletal and muscular balance and alignment that protects the supporting structures of your body from progressive deformity and injury (Britnell et al. 2005). Whether you are erect, lying, squatting or stooping, good posture allows your muscles to function with maximum efficiency. With good standing posture your body’s joints are in a state of equilibrium with the least amount of physical energy being used to maintain this upright position (Kritz & Cronin 2008). 2. What is a posture muscle? Posture muscles help to fix or stabilize a joint; they prevent movement, while other muscles create movement. They are composed of muscle fibers that have a particular capacity for prolonged work. For instance, as you lean forward slightly to walk up stairs (the movement), the posture muscles surrounding the spine help to prevent the upper body from falling too far forward. 3. Does poor posture affect a person’s psychological health? Yes. People with poor posture are more likely to have poor self-image and less self-confidence (Watson & MacDonncha 2000). 4. What are the natural curves in a healthy spine? The low back (lumbar spine) curves inward (toward the anterior part of the body) and is called the lordotic curve. The middle back (thoracic spine) is curved outward (posterior to the body). The neck (cervical spine) curves slightly forward or inward and thus has a lordotic curve. 5. What is “neutral spine”? Although the vertebral column has three natural curves, “neutral spine” usually refers to the lumbar region. Neutral spine is a pain-free position of the lumbar spine attained when the pressures in and around the pelvis joint structures are evenly distributed. The pelvis is balanced between its anterior and posterior positions. 6. What are neuromuscular control exercises for the spine? Exercise programs that are designed for musculoskeletal injury prevention involve neuromuscular control components (Akuthota & Nadler 2004). These programs involve joint stability exercises, balance training, proprioceptive training, plyometric exercises and skill-specific training. They provide multiple stimuli to improve the body’s neuromuscular control mechanisms. 7. Is poor posture associated with increased falls in older adults? Yes. A study found that the best predictor of future fall risk in people aged 62–96 was deficiency in lateral posture stability (Maki, Holliday & Topper 1994). Lateral stability exercises can help older adults prevent falls. References:

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This article has been reprinted with permission from the copyright owner, IDEA Health & Fitness Inc (www.ideafit.com). Reproduction without permission is strictly prohibited. IDEA Fitness Journal, Volume 8, Number 7 - July 2011

How much does a session cost?

Initial Consultation - $75/hour All Services - $75/hour (Pilates, Foundation Training, Corrective Exercise, Mobility, Fitness) Nutrition Coaching - $50/hour Posture Assessment - $150 (90 minute appointment) 2x/Week Training (All Services) - $50/hour (must pre-book) Cash (preferred), or Venmo (Deb-Preachuk) only. Payment required prior to the start of your appointment.