At Pain Free Posture MN I believe in living life to the fullest!  Your life should be PAIN-FREE - fun, full of energy, and uniquely about you.  If you are searching for relief from chronic muscle and joint pain, improvements in activities of daily living and athletic performance, find your solution with Pain Free Posture MN.


We offer a variety of corrective exercise and hybrid personal training modalities that can help you truly achieve a PainFree Life and Living. Our specialized services are custom created for clients of all ages and abilities.  If you are willing to change, I can help get you going again.  I promise.


We're in this together, and I am here to help.


Deb Preachuk has 25+ years experience in the health and wellness field and specializes in a variety of complementary corrective exercise modalities, habit-based health and nutrition coaching, and personal training.  Along with her University degrees, she holds numerous advanced certifications in corrective exercise, injuries and special populations, posture restoration and re-alignment, and muscle joint imbalance rehabilitation.  


My primary goal is to EMPOWER my clients by:


  1. Taking the time to LISTEN to you.  I believe YOU know your body the better than any health expert in the world.  

  2. Helping you make SMART, proactive healthcare decisions that are easy to do and implement.


My Mission


My mission is simple.  I am here to empower my clients to take a proactive approach to prevent or eliminate musculoskeletal pain and improve neuromuscular function and help you accomplish your lifestyle, nutrition and fitness goals.


People come to work with me here at PainFree Posture MN  because they have heard from a friend or a health care provider that we get to the why of what is hurting you. From the moment you walk through our door, you will experience the difference in our approach to treatment. A smile will greet you, and you can expect compassion, and understanding along with excellent corrective exercise instruction. 


It's important to me to keep my approach both direct, and honest.  It's very different, many things about working with me are different. 


I have made a conscious choice to resist the latest trends, current frenzied marketing approaches, credit cards, and the traditional medical office experience. Yes, we are a professional studio specializing in pain management and postural alignment. I will spend much time talking with you, focusing on you as a WHOLE person, your body, your postural alignment, and teaching you strategies to incorporate to alleviate your pain—giving you the tools to get back to your life.


It is my deepest desire to help each of my clients improve movements of daily living, athletic performance and quality of life beyond what you have ever experienced before!  


Pain Free Posture MN offers corrective exercise alternatives for Pain Relief.  We teach based on the premise that healing from chronic muscle and joint pain involves addressing the entire body to identify the cause (underlying source) of pain; not just symptoms.


I promise to treat you as a WHOLE person in mind-body-and-spirit and help coach, teach and guide you how to bring your body back to its proper postural alignment and function the way it was designed to be - PAIN-FREE



My Work Philosophy


At Pain Free Posture our philosophy is to treat every client we work with like we would treat our own family.  

When you take a session with Deb, you can expect instruction and care delivered with:


  • honesty

  • respect

  • integrity

  • truth telling

  • tough love (when necessary) and 

  • value

  • compassion


My Goal In How I Program and Teach


My goal is simple.  To help my clients truly achieve a pain-free life and living. We are here to teach you how to change one habit at a time and create a snowball effect of healing and progression to:


  • Eliminate chronic muscle and joint pain by identifying and addressing the underlying cause (source)

  • Improve and restore posture and function

  • Enhancing one's ability to perform activities of daily living 

  • Increase and Maximize athletic performance

  • Experience body composition changes and maintains them



My Core Beliefs


  • A few fundamental principles separate my work from others.  At Pain Free Posture MN I believe that:

  • The human body has an ideal design and function, with the joints positioned at ninety-degree angles, level, and stacked in a straight vertical line. Addressing the position of the bones is necessary for your recovery.

  • Bones hold joint position, and therefore joints will go where muscles tell them to go/ stay.

  • Every activity, inactivity, and injury will affect muscle length and tension, and consequently joint position. Continual and complete recruitment of the neuromuscular system is essential for health and will serve to re-establish proper joint position. 

  • For you to heal and accomplish your goals in health, nutrition, and fitness, we must treat YOU as a WHOLE PERSON.  You are not a symptom, problem or a condition.  We address your past and current injuries/symptoms as related problems because the body functions as an integrated unit, not as separate parts. It allows us to more effectively diagnose the cause of pain and instability and provide you with a practical solution.

  • Traditional medicine focuses on healing the specific area of pain and discomfort, but we resolve the cause of your pain, not just the symptoms so that you can experience complete and long-term relief.

  • I believe in getting back to the basic design and function intended for the human body—and that includes your body.   My services are not about a quick fix; I am committed to helping you navigate the journey to experience living pain-free by restoring muscle balance and improving your posture. 

  • It’s not something that we do to you—there is some work involved on your part, but it’s good work, and your body will thank you for it!


My Code of Ethics


When you come into work with PainFree Posture MN, you can rest assured that I will adhere to the following code of ethics in regards to your programming and care.


  • First, do not harm.  

  • Teach within my "Scope of Practice."  If you need a referral for another professional, we will point you in the right direction.

  • Maintain professional boundaries within my certified competencies and jurisdiction.  

    Regarding clients, the following improper behavior is considered intolerable and will result in immediate cancellation.

    a) Inappropriate physical contact  

    b) Financial exploitation

  • Maintain client confidentiality.

  • Direct clients to seek medical attention when necessary.

  • Treat clients with respect, truth, fairness, and integrity.

  • Comply with all applicable business, employment, and intellectual property laws.

  • Maintain professional appearance and conduct.

  • Do not misrepresent skills, training, professional credentials, identity or services.

  • Maintain and continue gaining education to enhance skills and knowledge, to provide the highest quality service to clients.







Precision Nutrition Certified

Precision Nutrition Certified

Pn Certified Nutrition Coach - L1

Foundation Training

Foundation Training

Certified Foundation Training Instructor

Mobility WOD

Mobility WOD

Mobility|MWOD Movement & Mobility Specialist

American Council on Exercise

American Council on Exercise

Certified Group Fitness Instructor

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