Congratulations!  Thank you for taking the time to invest in your health by booking your first appointment here at PainFree Posture MN.  


This page has all the additional information you need to prepare for your first session.

First, I'd like to say that I'm looking forward to meeting you in person and having the opportunity to help coach you toward accomplishing your health and wellness goals.  My job is to empower you with information from a whole-body perspective, and the skills necessary to help you eliminate chronic muscle and joint pain, improve posture, and maximize your movement potential.  


If you are in chronic musculoskeletal pain, we will identify, address, and resolve the ROOT CAUSE of your symptoms. Your body has an ideal position and corresponding function.  When one's posture is off-balance, the human body can experience a range of problems such as: 


  • restricted range of motion

  • localized and referral pain 

  • organ dysfunction 

  • joint, tendon, ligament and muscle stress 


As your Coach, I do not "treat" symptoms, or train my clients through dysfunctional or painful motor patterns.  The training I offer fills the large gap between physical therapy and standardized personal training.  

If you are scheduling an appointment for a posture assessment, I will take you through a comprehensive postural assessment to evaluate your body's current position and function and focus on the underlying cause of pain, not on ways to mask or reduce it symptomatically.  By doing so, the right corrective action helps restore proper posture and function, and you return to a pain-free life and living.   

If you are scheduling for any of our other modalities, we will work to create a program plan that is achievable and helps you accomplish your goals and also follows a path of correcting your form and building on a stable and mobile posture and function foundation.  


To adequately prepare you for your first appointment, I've put together all the essential information you need. 


1.  Plan Your Time


Posture assessment appointments run 90 minutes in length.  There is a great deal of education and assessments that occur during your first appointment, including:  

  • A visual and verbal postural assessment Interactive postural analysis while you are standing still.  

  • Recording and documenting your current postural position

  • Education about postural distortions and how they correlate to pain symptoms  

  • Teaching you a progressive plan of corrective exercises to address the underlying causes of pain symptoms and help restore your posture 

  • Goal planning


All other appointments: or follow up sessions to the posture assessment (which can be any or a combination of 

  • Initial Consultation

  • Corrective Exercise

  • Foundation Training

  • Pilates

  • Self-Myofascial Release

  • Hybrid Personal Training


All appointments are 1 Hour (60 minutes) in length.  All meetings can be increased in duration as needed (90 minutes and 120 minutes for $25 - 50/hour). If you arrive earlier than 5 minutes ahead of your scheduled appointment, please wait outside as often I am with another client right up until your scheduled session.


2.  Dress Appropriately  


For a Posture Assessment: To get the best information possible, please come to your appointment dressed in clothing that allows me to perform a full postural assessment.  Feel free to layer other clothes over the top for temperature control.  Once the postural analysis is complete, you can change or add clothing as needed.


  • Women - Solid color (black preferred) compression shorts or tights that are mid-thigh that allows the knee to be fully visible in all directions.  Solid color (black preferred) sports bra, or camisole/tank top 

  • Men - Solid color compression shorts (black preferred) or shorts that are mid-thigh only that allows the knee to be fully visible in all directions (mid-thigh only with knee visible in all directions.  Tank top/sleeveless t-shirt 

  • Barefoot, no socks 


Other Appointments:  please dress according to the movement plan for the day.  Most often, workout attire that allows you to move freely at the significant load joints (ankles, knees, hips, shoulder) and in all directions.  Best practice means shorts/tights/yoga pants, exercise top, bare feet (if doing Pilates, mobility, corrective exercise, Foundation Training), AND fitness shoes (if doing cardiovascular work/strength training).


3.  Do Your Homework


Please download, print off, read and fill in the health history and homework workbook documents.  

Be sure to remember to bring it with you, as I cannot begin an appointment until all paperwork is filled in and received.  

Additionally, print off the Homework Workbook.  This book outlines what you can expect in your first assessment.  There are two blank pages at the back where you will actively participate in your session and write down the assigned at-home corrective exercises.  I suggest you place it in a binder which you should bring with you at each appointment.



4.  Payment


Payment is due BEFORE the start of each session.    


I accept the following methods of payment:

  • Cash (preferred)

  • Venmo (Deb-Preachuk)


Posture Assessment appointments are $150.00


All other sessions are:

  • $75/hour 

  • Please see our Pricing Page for additional information. 


5. Studio Location 


Please take the time to familiarize yourself with our  Studio Location and Policy located on the FAQ page.   We believe that excellent, open, and honest communication is vital!