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Foundational Movements to increase Mobility and improve CORE and Gluteal Strength

Join me for a 21-Day (three sessions group class series) investment into your health to teach you essential movements to increase your Mobility and improve your CORE and Gluteal Strength.  


In each class, you'll receive instruction on how to perform eight simple, powerful and effective corrective exercises, and stretches.  You'll receive a written handout with instructions and space for note-taking, and then the challenge is for you to implement a self-care practice time to perform the exercises on your own at home until the following week where you'll learn the next eight movements.


At the end of the 21-days, you will have created an opportunity and new habits in your body to:


  • activate the gluteals

  • correct imbalances in the lower back and pelvis

  • improve your hip flexibility

  • strengthen the core 

  • integrate movement with the hips and the gluteals

  • improve your posture and movement performance


The corrective exercises, key mobilizations, and essential movement stretches are easy to learn and perform on your own at home.  


Once complete, you will have developed a routine of self-care, increased your mobility, and established an improved foundation of CORE and Gluteal Strength. 


This class is well suited for all ages and abilities.  The only limiting factor is that you must be able to get up and down onto the floor as the movements will be performed there on a mat.





You'll need the following pieces of equipment to complete this program on your own at home successfully:


  • an exercise mat 

  • a dish towel or hand towel

  • a foam roller (not required until week two)

  • a mini band (not required until week three)

  • Coach Deb will have bands available for purchase and will also discuss options for you during the first session




Cost:  $75.00/person  

Date:  Monday nights (April 15, 22 and 29, 2019)

Time:  6:45 - 8:00 pm

Location:  PainFree Posture MN (Apple Valley, MN)


Early-bird discount available through 11:59 pm, March 19, 2019.  Only 10 spots are available.

Class size is LIMITED to 15, so be sure to reserve your spot right away!  Questions?  Contact Coach Deb