You're Doing These 7 or 8 Things WRONG Unless You're Functional

You're Doing These 7 or 8 Things WRONG Unless You're Functional

A few months ago, I read a cheeky article by Forbes online Leadership Editor Frederick E. Allen.  

Called 8 Basic Things You All Do WrongMr. Allen had my full attention as soon as I read "We All"!  Well, as I read along, Allen wrote this article as his response to to a thought provoking article from another online magazine called

I had never even heard of (they are the online competitor to Mad) and the article that caught his attention was so insightful that he felt was worthy of passing along. Hmmm…..

Allen wrote:

“I’m gladly passing it along though it’s far from my usual leadership beat. I’m also adding to the list an eighth item of my own. You may not agree with all of these, but I found them fascinating and thought-provoking."

I was hooked!  You know it was only seconds before I was checking out the original article for myself. 

C. Coville
and Crystal Beran of wrote 7 Basic Things You Won’t Believe You’re All Doing Wrong.

I have to admit, from a biomechanics analysis and corrective exercise point of view, they nailed it (well,  except for brushing your teeth… but that’s just me) and I had to agree with all their points.  

Most people do not do basic activies of daily living properly.  Sitting, breathing, eliminating wast are all postural imbalance issues we Certified Corrective Exercise Specialists help address and fix for our clients on a daily basis!  

I’m sure you're curious now too.  Are you ready?  Here we go:

The 7 Basic Things You All Do Wrong

7. Poop. Your body is designed to squat for elimination. Sitting without your knees raised is unhealthy and a major cause of hemorrhoids.

6. Bathe. We do too much of it, damaging “something hilariously called the horny layer.” Use warm or cool water, and skip a day sometimes.

5. Breathe. Do healthier abdominal breathing, as babies do and as we forget how to do as we grow.

4. Sleep. Eight solid hours is unnatural. You’re designed to have two periods of serious sleep with a time of light wakefulness in between, as The New York Times reported here.

3. Give birth. Lying flat on your back is nuts, and almost any other position is better. What’s important is to feel free to change positions during labor.

2. Brush teeth. After every meal is too often, and flossing is much more important.

1. Sit. Sitting upright in a chair is lousy for you and hard on your spine. Sitting on a stool is much better, and reclining is better too (you may be doing that anyway now, during seder season).

So where is number eight?

Number eight was added by Mr. Allen. He felt that the one other thing we are all doing wrong is RUNNING.   BUT, not just any kind of running, and I wholeheartedly AGREE!

Like me, and many functional fitness fans around the world, Allen is a supporter of the Barefoot Running movement.  Allen states:

“I have become a convert to barefoot-style running, because running in modern running shoes not only is unnatural but can do terrific damage. We come slamming down on our heels, with the shock absorbed largely by our knees and hips, and after years of this abuse our knees and hips tend to fall apart. Barefoot-style, the way our ancestors ran, we come down on the forefoot or mid-foot, sort of like running in place. The shock is absorbed largely by the calf muscles. I run in Vibram FiveFingers shoes, the closest thing to being barefoot, and though I’m in my late fifties, all my knee and hip pain has disappeared. I recommend it for anyone. You just need to start very slowly and carefully, as you have to relearn how to run and train a lot of new muscles, especially those calves, which will get very sore at first.”

So there you have it. The Seven or 8 Basic Things You Won’t Believe You’re Doing Wrong, unless.....

You do Posture Alignment Therapy!  

As a person who both teaches and practices corrective exercise to improve my overall function and athletic performance, I can honestly say most of the items on this list are done properly.   Aside from acute traumas and rare genetic abnormalities, the human body should adhere to a blue-print design.  

People who practice a regular corrective exercise programming are working to adhere to the 8 Laws of Physical Health.  We do corrective exercise menus to ensure the body functions at its best - pain free and fully functional throughout our entire lifespan.  That means we can run barefoot, squat, stand, and breathe optimally according to our blue-print design.

But, it's not so important what I think.  How about YOU?  Have any of these concepts rattled your beliefs about your body?  

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the topics and I challenge you to move past just thinking about what you can do differently in your day today! Do it! I dare you! Then let me know how it goes…..