You CAN Unlearn Chronic Pain

You CAN Unlearn Chronic Pain

At Pain Free Posture MN we understand that there is a direct and well documentd correlation between posture and pain.  

If you've been in chronic musculoskeletal pain for a prolonged period of time without resolution, I guarantee that pain has invaded EVERY ASPECT of your life.  Why do I say that?  Because I see it every day.  There is ALWAYS a connection between your emotions and your pain. 

Today I'd like to share an audio interview on Dr. Zafirides The Healthy Mind audio podcast with Dr. Howard Schubiner.  Dr. Schubiner is an expert in the field of the mind-body connection to physical pain (from a psychological view point) and the author of the book, Unlearn Your Pain. (I highly recommend it!).  

In the interview Dr. Schubiner discusses how emotions (based on old injuries, past emotional traumas) left unresolved can create physical pain.  He talks about:

  • the chronic-pain cycle
  • treating the body as a unit (mind, body,spirit)
  • listening to the client (you know exactly what's wrong!)
  • pain that gets treated with medicine and DOES NOT GO AWAY or gets worse
  • how western medicine has evolved to the point that it is only a symptomatic approach.  Often chronic pain has a bigger root cause

All of these things we see here at Pain Free Posture MN on a daily basis!  Woo Hoo!

If you are a fan of posture alignment corrective exercise therapy then you well know we address how emotions are tied to your pain as we work to restore the body back to blue-print design.  Your thoughts affect your actions and habits.  Overtime, pain memories become ingrained into physical body and our emotions.  When you balance the body (in mind, body and spirit) you relieve the pain!

At Pain Free Posture MN we truly believe that you can UNLEARN your pain.  Remember Pain is a Signal! and we must treat the body as unit!  Otherwise, the chronic-pain-cycle continues on.  

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I'd love to hear your thoughts on the interview! Please reach out by posting your comments below!