You Are NOT Broken

You Are NOT Broken

Around a year ago I posted a blog called My Top 10 Pete Egoscue Quotes.  Imagine my surprise when the other day I ran into another similar blog written by my colleage Jaz Reis.  Jaz is fellow Posture Alignment Specialist certified by Egoscue University, and the owner of Pain Free Santa Fe.  Entitled You are Not Broken, I'd like to share her compiled list of favorite Pete Egoscue quotes with you all.


You Are Not Broken

 By:  Jaz Reis | Pain Free Santa Fe

Pete Egoscue has written many books, informative and inspirational. He’s easy to read and I encourage you to get at least one of his books and read at least the first few chapters. These are some of my favorite Pete quotes.

“You are not broken.”Pain Free Living, 2011.

“Suffering is optional.”Pain Free Living, 2011.

“A pain free, active lifestyle is not only possible, but it is the way you should expect to feel and live, no matter your age, no matter your previous experience.” ~ Pete Egoscue

“It is your birthright to live a pain free and active life without limitations”. ~ Pete Egoscue

“Posture is an early-warning system. The closest thing to a master key to the door to perfect health.” ~ Pain Free Living, 2011.

“The body has a standard design, and deviation from it is the source of pain and incapacitation.” ~ Pain Free, 1998.

“Your musculoskeletal system is like household wiring, a connector of your individual nerves to the universal energy supply. The strength of the connection – the total volume of the incoming flow of energy – depends on postural balance.”Pain Free Living, 2011.

“The musculoskeletal system plainly displays, in real time, how much or how little energy is on board [your body].”Pain Free Living, 2011.

“Muscular weakness, skeletal misalignment, and structural instability usually precede the onset of pain that is attributed to accidents, overuse, or aging.”Pain Free at Your PC, 1999.

“Back spasms, neck aches, migraine headaches, excruciating jaw pain, dizziness, blurred vision are all indications of how hard the body is struggling to stay upright.”The Egoscue Method of Health Through Motion, 1993.

“Pain is not your enemy.... it notifies the body of a condition, a state, a stimulus that is detrimental.”Pain Free Living, 2011.

“Pain is not a disease, not an injury, not even an effect of aging. Pain is a symptom, a symptom of postural imbalance.”Pain Free Living, 2011.

“Pain is the body’s voice. Listen to your body.”Pain Free Living, 2011.

“Muscular pain is nothing more, really, than a message. We have to learn how to decode it.”The Egoscue Method of Health Through Motion, 1993.

“The mind-body connection is the pivot-point on which your health balances....posture functions as an on-off switch that activates emotions.”Pain Free Living, 2011.

“Negative thoughts are the single worst health habit.”Pain Free Living, 2011.

“You are pretty smart. But your body is smarter.”Pain Free Living, 2011.

“Until you recognize the need, the absolute requirement for taking responsibility, you will not succeed. Once you do accept the responsibility, however, the Egoscue Method never fails. Never. No drugs, no surgery, no machines, no miracles. Just You. A normal person, doing normal things.”The Egoscue Method of Health Through Motion, 1993.

“Cartilage will regenerate itself if and when damaging joint stress caused by musculoskeletal misalignment is eliminated and function is restored.”Pain Free for Women, 2002.

“Age is not the determining factor in health.” ~ Pete Egoscue.

“The body has no design flaws.” ~ Pete Egoscue.

“The body isn't fragile. It isn't broken. But without enough motion - proper motion - we are all slowly dying in place.” ~ Pete Egoscue.

Effective therapies treat the whole body as a unit.” ~ Pete Egoscue.

“Children whose movements are limited because they're spending their time in front of computers or televisions are at risk of never fulfilling their potential.” Pain Free for Women, 2002.

“I never said it would be easy. I said it would be worth it.” ~ Pete Egoscue.


Great job on the compilation of Pete Egoscue quotes Jaz!  There's some great quotes of inspriation and hope!  Did we get them all?  If you have one you think should be added to this list, please share it with us in the comment box below.  


We'd love to hear from YOU!  Which one of these quotes is YOUR favorite and why? 


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