What If Your Shoulder Hurts?

What If Your Shoulder Hurts?

"He who treats the site of the pain is lost"~ Levitt

I LOVE sharing postural therapy testimonials.  Today I'd like to share Riverside Kettlebells blog about their personal success using Egoscue Posture Alignment Therapy called "What if My Shoulder Hurts?" 

It's a fun little story, and the author (and his mom) got the shoulder and knee pain relief they were looking all on their own my simply reading and acting on the advice found in the book Pain Free by Pete Egoscue.

Michael at Riverside Kettlebells wrote me this message.


Keep up the good work! I also want everyone to know that they can help themselves with things like Egoscue. I love it!

I couldn't agree with you more Michael!  Thanks you for sharing and message that chronic, unresolved musculoskeletal pain can easily be resolved through the power of postural therapy!  As a Corrective Exercise Specialist, my mission is to help people restore their "blue-print" humann design and function so that we can go out and live our lives to the fullest!  

If you do Kettlebell, CrossFit, Patch Fitness, Pilates, Group Fitness, Run (you get the idea), postural therapy keeps your body in balance. It's the underlying proper "structural" fitness so to speak that allows us to perform to our maximum capacity in our activities of choice.

It's not the activity that causes the pain, but the musculoskeletal imbalances and load joint dysfunctions taken through repetitive motion that is the culprit.  It's the body you bring into the activity and your function in that activity that either causes pain or performance pleasure.

Simply addressing the site of the problem (in this instance, shoulder pain), rarely will get to the bottom of the whole body problem.  Remember you have TWO shoulders, and those shoulders are intricately connected to the rest of your kinetic chain.  If you have shoulder pain, and you don't get to the root cause of the issue, you can be sure any relief you get will only be temporary in nature until the ROOT CAUSE of the issue is addressed.  

Recently Dr. Perry Nickelston of Stop Chasing Pain wrote a great commentary on the topic on his Facebook page.

Your arms and legs are not mere appendages. They are not add ons to the body like parts of a doll. They are interconnected to each other and the core of your body.

What does that mean in the pain game? If your arm or leg hurts you better freaking check it's function to your core and to each other.

If one is dysfunctional others have to work more. Dysfunctional does not mean painful. So if your right elbow hurts check for function in the other limbs AND the core.

Maybe that's why elbow tendinitis is so hard to recover from because most treatment strategies are directed where....the elbow! Blast the elbow with everything ya got.

Here's a thought...look someplace else.

A body out of balance and using compensations for dysfunctional joints HURTS!  A body that is balanced and functional at all the 4 major load joints can easily go out and do the movement/activity that gives you joy pain-free!  And the best part?  No more chronic musculo-sketeal pain due to postural imbalances.

Remember, when it comes to chronic unresolved musculoskeletal pain, "the site of the pain is rarely the site of the problem" [Pete Egoscue - Pain Free].    Like Michael wrote "Almost all pain is a movement problem. And the right movement correction can fix things -- often quickly."

If you have questions , please reach out and let us know.  Remember, we're in this together and I am here to help!