What Do You LOVE About Postural Therapy & Corrective Exercise?

What Do You LOVE About Postural Therapy & Corrective Exercise?

Today I had the chance to work with an excellent CrossFit athlete on his posture, function and mobility after a WOD, and it got me energized from the inside out! I absolutely love what I do!


As I drove back home I started to think about all the things I love about being a Corrective Exercise Specialist


I truly enjoy teaching people about the potential of the human body to perform according to it's blue-print design.  To me there's absolutely nothing better in the world than helping someone understand that it's the body (the position) going into the activity not the symptom (the pain, restriction/muscle-joint imbalance) that is the root cause of blocking athletic performance/activities of daily living.


To bring balance to the body through the power of simple corrective exercises then stepping back to watch a person see and feel the change in their body and then be able to go straight out and perform a movement better - it makes me feel like I'm fulfilling my purpose in life! 


So there you have it.  That's what I LOVE about Posture Alignment Therapy.  But I'd like to know what do YOU love about it?


What Do You LOVE About Postural Therapy?

If you were to take a poll, interestingly, everyone will give a little different answer! Here's a few of the recent responses from my own clients:

  • I feel stronger
  • The pain goes away
  • I feel lighter and more balanced
  • I love the stretch.  Everything feels 'looser'
  • I feel more aligned
  • I love that I can heal my injuries
  • It helps me breathe better
  • I can feel my whole body!
  • "The way Deb customizes it (my menu) for me"


At Pain Free Posture MN we use Corrective Exercise programming to balance out and re-align the body to get our client's out of the chronic muscle and joint pain cycle.


When you partner with a skilled Corrective Exercise Specialist trained in posture analysis and biomechanics as your coach, you can be sure the pain cycle will quickly be put to an end.  But, that's where the real work begins!  Getting out of pain is the easy part.  


Addressing the mind is where the real break-throughs begin.  In my experience, the best successes come when successful client's make the connection to re-train the brain.  The mind needs to focus, and thoughts need to change too! 


That's probably why I love working with CrossFitter's in particular so much!  They are already mentally in the game.  They are willing to concentrate and absorb every piece of information I have to share about enhancing performance, because success with CrossFit has as much to do with mental focus as it does with the physical performance.  


If you are new to postural therapy, I want to encourage and remind you that overtime, when you learn to make the connection between the mind and body, everything will change!  A balanced mind and body then pays it forward to our spirit.  


Some days when you do your postural therapy menu you get an invigorating result, and others calms you down.  It's like your body knows exactly what to do to give you what you need if you're willing to stop and listen to your inner voice.  


Postural therapy, like other mind-body practices, creates a balanced whole body movement in mind, body and spirit.  


I love that I can offer that to my clients when we partner together because they have purposed to change.  Postural therapy is more than just helping get people out of chronic pain.  It's about our thoughts, actions and habits about our ability to be well, and live life out loud doing the things you want to do pain free.  


So, I'll ask again, "What do YOU LOVE about Posture Alignment Therapy & Corrective exercise"?  What makes you do your menus, or continue to come back into the studio on a weekly (or more) basis to maintain good posture and function?  


We really want to hear from you, so please post your reasons below and share your experience.  You never know how it might help change another person's life!