The Simple Way to Correct Forward Head Position

The Simple Way to Correct Forward Head Position

Today we'll wrap up out discussion on the connection between Poor Posture, Forward Head Position, and the ability to Get (or lack thereof) Quality Sleep.  


Health care providers in any field will all agree that if you are physically active and exercise during the day, you’ll sleep better at night.  The  NY Times published an article entitled Really?  The Claim:  Exercise More During The Day, and You Will Sleep Better at Night, supporting this concept.


Researchers are continually finding a direct correlation between an increase in physical activity and better quality sleep.  The bottom line?  An increase in physical activity improves sleep onset and increases sleep duration, particularly in people who have trouble sleeping.


Chances are you know this and the information isn’t new.  However, it’s more than just adding exercise.  I agree, but only partially.  


Yes, increasing physical activity will aid in better sleep.  But if you have a history of chronic pain, adding in exercise (even if your syptoms are minimal at the time) without correcting the underlying root cause of the pain and/or dysfunction does not address the whole situation.  Postural imbalances and limited motion in the affected joints must be corrected or the pain cycle will begin all over again.


  Think about it.  


If you are experiencing mid-back, shoulder, neck and/or head pain (or any pain for that matter) and you take that body which is out of balance and not performing correctly into exercise, chances are you’ll be exercising through the dysfunctional movement patterns and further strengthening the compensations.  


I’ve seen this scenario hundreds of times, and can tell you it's often why people give up.  It just hurts to much!


The Simple Solution to Correct the Effects of Poor Posture & Forward Head Position

Give your body the best gift possible.  Learn how to FIX your Posture.  Aside from rare genetic abnormalities, it really is that simple.  How?

1.  Start with a Posture Analysis | You can do a FREE self-assessment to start the process, or have your posture completely analyzed at a biomechanics level when you hire the services of a Corrective Exercise Specialist.  Learn how your head had to come out of it's proper position in the first place.  Remember, forward head position is a chicken vs. the egg scenario.  Rarely does it start with the head being forward, but it is the cumulation of muscle and load joint imbalances.

2.  Hire a Corrective Exercise Specialist to help you put it all together |  Your trainer will put together a corrective exercise programming sequence designed with your unique postural needs and goals in mind.  Your coach will TEACH you your posture correcting exercises and ensure that you are confident and competent at them before you go home to put them into practice until the next appointment.  Over a short period of time, your body will be reminded and brought back to its proper function and postural positioning, PAIN FREE and all WITHOUT the use of medication, manipulation or surgery!   


By implementing a corrective exercise program with a Certified professional and addressing the root cause of the pain, you easily eliminate poor posture, forward head position and ultimately, improve the quality of your sleep


Research proves what we here at Pain Free Posture MN have been saying for years.  If you have been struggling with sleep related disorders/disturbances or nights just tossing and turning, it just might be your "position and not your condition"!  By aligning your upper body in a more functional position your body will operate more efficiently, you'll have less pain, and become better able to add exercise into your day.  The pay off?


You'll sleep better!  Promise!  Try it for yourself and let me know how it goes!