What Makes Working With Us Different?

YOU Are MORE Than Just A Body!

You're Not a Symptom, A Problem or a Pain.  

We Treat the YOU, The Whole You and Your Body as a Unit!

All our corrective exercise and hybrid personal training services are non-medical and non-invasive therapeutic modalities grounded in the exercise science of health and human performance, biomechanics, functional movement and motor learning patterns.

We analyze the relationship between the current joint position, muscular function and biomechanics of the human body as it relates to it's "blue-print" or proper anatomical design and function.   

A few key principles separate our work from all other modalities.

  1. Anatomical and Functional Design | We believe that the body was designed perfectly, with the joints positioned at ninety-degree angles, level, and stacked in a straight vertical line. Aside from acute trauma (severe accident requiring reconstructive surgery) or genetic abnormalities addressing the current position of the joints is necessary for your recovery.
  2. Dysfunctions & Compensations | Every activity, inactivity and injury will have an effect on muscle length and tension, and consequently joint position. Continual and complete recruitment of the neuromuscular system is essential for health and will serve to re-establish proper joint position. 
  3. Treat the Root of the Problem, Not Just the Symptom | We address your past and current injuries/symptoms as related problems because the body functions as an integrated unit, not as separate parts. This allows us to more effectively diagnose the cause of pain and instability and provide you with an effective solution.
  4. Whole Body Approach | Traditional medicine focuses on healing the specific area of pain and discomfort, but we resolve the root cause of your pain, not just the symptoms, so that you can experience complete and long-term relief.



We Take a WHOLE Person & Body Approach 


When you partner with Pain Free Posture MN, we will assess your current posture (position) as it presents itself relative to anatomical and functional design (See Why Am I In Pain?  Your Posture Matters - Get The Facts)

Inactivity, repetitive motion, traumatic injury and gravity all affect joint position and over time create muscular imbalances, joint restrictions or hyper-mobility and therefore compensations in your movement patterns.  Common culprits can include prolonged periods of sitting or standing, and engaging in one sided or repetitive sports/activities. The ability to re-establish proper muscle and joint position hinges on identifying and unraveling muscular compensations.  

Then the muscles must be stimulated to maintain proper length, tension and stability. When the joints are properly aligned, the body will be able to move freely and efficiently. The wear and tear and joint inflammation will be reduced, cartilage will have the opportunity to regenerate, and you will be able to move more freely and with ease than you have in years.  And, because all of the body systems are interrelated, you may also experience relief of symptoms in the digestive, circulatory, or other organ systems. Through our unique whole body approach, we will help you take proactive and empowered action to existing and impending problems within the muscular, fascia and nervous systems of your body.

Is Working With Us Right For You?

Perhaps he biggest myth about our services is that you have to be in chronic pain to reap the benefits of partnering with us.  That couldn't be further from the truth!  Regardless of age, gender, or ability, everyone can benefit from living in a body that is balanced.

Working with a specialist like Deb Preachuk at PainFree Posture MN is DIFFERENT than your traditional personal training scenarios, and it is perfect for anyone requiring:

  • a customized program to meet specific needs and goals
  • working with a trainer with integrity and deep core values
  • individual attention, feedback and patient instruction 
  • a basline to begin and measure transformation from 
  • help breaking through a plateau in their current training program

The number of visits with will depend entirely on your specific needs, goals, and your budget.  My job is to support you with both all these parameters in mind and work with you to come up with a realistic plan to help you progress and achieve success!

Our typical client is one who is either currently experiencing joint and muscle pain and looking for non-surgical ways to overcome it , and/or wants to improve his/her overall level of fitness in activities of daily living and athletics and change body composition. 

If that describes you, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you want to be self-reliant and empowered to get your body into the best posture, motion patterns and physical health as possible
  • Would you like to avoid surgery or prescription medications?
  • Do you need to lose weight, change your body composition and overall fitness (muscular strength, endurance, cardiovasular and flexibility) base?
  • Do you have nagging or episodic pain that comes and goes for years?
  • Have you experienced limited or no success with traditional medical -based therapies?
  • Are you an athlete looking to get an edge on your competition and enhance your performance with imporved muscle and joint mobility /stability?
  • Would you like to improve your posture, overall fitness or body composition, but not sure how to do it on your own?

If you answered YES to any or all of these questions then corrective exercise and lifestyle change personal training with Deb Preachuk at Pain Free Posture MN is RIGHT FOR YOU!  Contact Deb to schedule your first session today!

Benefits of Private Session Instruction


Each client is their own unique puzzle.  We believe there is no one "right or wrong" way to create the fitness plan to help you overcome chronic pain, improve posture, enhance your athletic performance or attain and maintain ultimate wellness.  

Overall private private training significantly benefit those who are new to any service, giving the client the ability to target exactly what they need to improve or strengthen while greatly reducing their chances of getting injured

Private Instruction enables the student to:

  • Learn according to your strength and pace (visual, kinesthetic, or auditory) without being rushed/pressured to keep pace with a group
  • Have a customized plan created for your unique needs
  • Incorporate a wider range of therapeutic modalities, equipment and techniques that work for you and your lifestyle
  • Minimize risk of injury
  • Increase strength and flexibility in less time
  • Develop the skill set necessary to excel at their chosen sport and/or fitness activities and, most of all
  • Strengthen the innate healing system of their body

When you work privately with Deb, you'll have the the ability to learn the corrective exercises, poses and positions without feeling rushed or pressured to keep up with a group.   By creating individual plans we can accurately target exactly what our clients should work.

We are able to customize your training plan, and can incorporate a wide range of techniques, equipment and proven scientific approaches to create a healthy spirit, mind and body which ultimately helps our  clients get the most benefit out of their lessons.

We offer our students a safe environment to learn, push and stretch their trust in the healing process, because with private instruction, we get to know YOU!  Partnering one-on-one gives both the instructor a better sense of what the client can and cannot do and therefore can recommend what should be worked on and to what extent. In group lessons the trainer does not have the ability to work with each member to gauge their personal level, which increases the possibility of injury when they attempt positions or poses above their abilities.