The Best Exercises for Hip Pain Relief

The Best Exercises for Hip Pain Relief

Recently I cam across an article on that featured Posture Alignment Therapy corrective exercises in an article called The Best Exercises for Hip Pain Relief.  


I love that what I teach on a daily basis is featured for free on a site like  The more we can share the good news that most chronic muscle and joint pain can be alleviated through the power of a proper postural therapy corrective exercise program the better!


Postural alignment therapy is a profoundly effective corrective exercise program that can eliminate hip pain effectively!  However, but without photos, sometimes I find "things get lost in translation" so to speak.  


So as a courtesy to our readers, I've put together a FREE PDF DOWNLOAD (including photos and written descriptions) of The Best Exercises for HIP PAIN RELIEF as featured on


It thrills me to know that thousands of people around the globe will be exposed to the opportunity to find chronic hip (and other musculoskeletal and joint) pain by reading this article and trying these simple, yet profoundly powerful corrective exercises.


If you'd like to learn more, or if you have questions or concerns about how to do these exercises, or want individualized instruction or coaching please contact us directly!

We're here to help!