STOP The Chronic Pain Cycle with Corrective Exercise

STOP The Chronic Pain Cycle with Corrective Exercise

Pain is a high-priority signal alerting us to danger.  Unfortunately, over time, pain becomes an old familiar alarm that just won't quit.


Chronic pain is annoying, frustrating, and debilitating.  A nasty trifecta that runs with it's ugly friends, fear, depression and anger. This kind of pain can become Normal, but that’s NOT Natural.


Over time you might stop acknowledging the amount of pain you're actually in as a coping mechanism just to get by.  


Or perhaps you have intermittent but severe and debilitating attacks that leave you immoblized for a day or week.  Either way, the pain becomes an old familiar firend.  We get used to the aches, pains and disruption to basic movements of life.  The pain just becomes part of who you are.  


If you're trapped on the chronic pain merry-go-round, done it all (ice, heat, ibuprofen, massage, chiropractic, exercised, stopped exercise) and it just won't go away, it's time time to STOP the carnival ride.


PAIN is the body’s only way of telling us that something is WRONG.

It tells us to stop what we’re doing

and fix the problem – now!  

The human body was designed to move and be active and live pain free.  When pain comes and disrupts our life, our natural human instinct is to look for a solution to make it go away.


The tradition approach is SYMPTOM FOCUSED.  It goes something like this.  Your shoulder hurts.  Solution, treat the shoulder.  Typically the course of treatment is:

  • avoid or limit motion
  • focus specifically on the affected area (ice, massage, stretch)
  • medicate 
  • manipulate (Physical Therapy, chiropractic)
  • surgery


Problem with this process is that symptomatic approaches does not resolve the underlying ROOT CAUSE of problem.  It's only a matter of time until the cyle repeats itself.


Symptomatic approaches are temporary pain releif at best.  You haven't really corrected anything.  The fundamental problem remains the same because wearen't asking the bigger question.  

"Why Do I Hurt?"


There is a reason, after all.  

Corrective exercise addresses the bigger question. We look at you as a whole and treat the body as a unit.  We help you discover WHY you hurt and treat your pain beyond symptom, by identifying the ROOT or underlying issue causing the problem.  


As human beings we all share the same basic design. We have the same muscles, bones, nerves, etc. The body is designed for motion. That includes function like walking, running, jumping, twisting and climbing. We are designed to comfortably stand upright, bear our own weight and to rely on joints that have a range of motion. Because of this we can lift a box, pick up our children or run a marathon.


VIOLATE the BLUE-PRINT design, Pain will follow!

Our bodies adapt to our own life circumstances.  That’s the good news and the bad news.


The benefit of our adaptability is we can change, for the better. We’ve all heard stories of people improving their lives by becoming more active. Exercise is part of any doctor’s prescription for health.  We don’t go from couch potato to a marathoner overnight.


The other side of that coin is that our bodies will also adjust to inactivity and incorrect movement patterns. So, the answer isn't always as simple as exercise more.


When ideal blue-print design function begins to fail, we start to see imbalances. Imbalances lead to postual dysfunctions and pain symptoms or injuries are are soon to follow.


Symptoms can include aches, pains, tightness, and overuse injuries. Have you ever hurt yourself doing something you’ve done a hundred times? Ever put out your back out while bending over to tie your shoes? How about reaching for something overhead or down low?


We wonder what we did differently that one time that injured us. Probably nothing – that’s the point.


At some point, a body that is consistently out of alignment will begin to protest. It’s just a matter of time.


Can I be FIXED? YES! Absolutely!

The human body has an inherent ability to heal. If we cut our finger, the body immediately begins the process of clean-up and repair. To heal pain caused by misalignment, we can assist this natural process by providing the correct stimulus and demand to a load joint.


How do I know if I’m out of balance?  


 Download our Free In Home Posture Assessment Guide.  It includes:

  • evaluation questions to see if you can benefit from a corrective exercise program
  • posture assessment tests
  • how to recognize musculoskeletal imbalances 

So what’s the GOOD News?


The GOOD News is that your pain and posture are CORRECTABLE!  Give us a call so you can get started today!