Supercharge Your Recovery Like A Pro

Supercharge Your Recovery Like A Pro

Introducing The Recovery Zone 

One of the goals I had in opening up my professional studio space inside CrossFit 5885 was to create an area dedicated to active recovery.  To me, that meant providing therapeutic exercise, and a variety of training modalities to help ANY athlete at any age reach and maintain an optimal level of performance.An Athlete's Recovery Zone.

I wanted my clients to be actively participating in their workout recovery, not just doing rehab once pain or movement restriction problems came.  I envisioned a space where I could offer personal training, rehab and active recovery protocols along with exercise progression needs in one location.  

A year has passed since we began construction and I'm starting to see this goal come to fruition.

An essential piece of equipment that I envisioned and saved up to purchase to help fulfill this goal is the Recovery Sleeves Compression Therapy.

Recovery sleeves are ideal for before and after competitive races, completing strenuous Metcons, CrossFit competitions or lifting sessions, or after putting in long hours of work around the home, yard or office.  Regular use of recovery sleeves helps accelerate the body's natural recovery process and allows for better quality workouts and more training time.

Benefits of Recovery Sleeves

The short and sweet answer is that recovery sleeves enhance blood flow and speed up post-exercise muscle recovery times.    

The technical answer is that they expedite your body's natural ability to flush metabolic waste from the tissue through targeted compression levels and a medically proved "milking" sequence which increases blood circulation when in use.  

The result is much faster recovery time between workouts. Intermittent pneumatic compression forces the body to reabsorb metabolic waste (which causes soreness and fatigue in the muscles). 

Regular use of recovery sleeve compression therapy helps increase circulation, decrease inflammation and restore delivery of nutrients to the muscles.  

Pressurized compartments in the sleeves squeeze the body part being isolated, mobilizing fluids and improve the body's process of filtration to rid the body of exercise-induced waste products.  As a result, it drives higher volumes of oxygen-rich blood to the muscles, accelerating muscle healing. 

The recovery sleeve system includes two (2) leg units, one (1) arm/shoulder, and one (1) torso which wraps around the pelvis and ribcage.  You can easily do the whole body in 60 minutes.  Two complete units are available for use.

Who Can Use The Recovery Sleeves?

All of my professional clients and everyone who belongs to CrossFit 5885 is more than welcome to use the recovery sleeves.  BUT.... it is intended only for people who are in good health.

Who Can't Use The Recovery Sleeves?

The recovery sleeves are NOT recommended for people with:

  • heart problems (severe arteriosclerosis, or other ischemic vascular diseases)

  • vascular problems (blot clots, deep vein thrombosis, phlebitis)

  • any condition requiring using a medical device

  • if you are or may be pregnant (consult with your physician first)

  • any skin condition that clothes would bother (dermatitis, untreated or infected wound, skin graft, gangrene)

  • bone fractures or dislocations

Rules.  Yes, There are Some Rules.

  1. Ask For Help.  The first time, you must have me or an experienced coach help you get set up.  NO EXCEPTIONS. That means me, or you can kindly ask Coach Jonny, Alana or Mel.  Shannon Hagen also knows how to set it up.  BUT ..... you cannot interrupt a WOD or a Boot Camp if they are coaching or doing their workouts.  Again, NO EXCEPTIONS.
  2. Schedule Your Session.  Text me to arrange your time in the sleeves please.  My private clients and group class come first.    You're welcome to schedule recovery sleeve sessions during open studio time.  There's lots of free time available throughout the day, but it can change so TEXT ME FIRST!
  3. You Cannot Be Sweaty.  No if, ands, or buts.  Think about it.  Would you want to use it after someone sweats all over it?  Eww... me neither.  Bring a change of clothes if it's after a workout.  
  4. Clean Clothes with Skin Covered.  That means NO BARE SKIN on the sleeves.  Long pants, socks that cover the skin to cover the legs.  Long sleeve top with the torso and shoulder/arm sleeves.
  5. Don't Break It.  It's a compression sleeve, and gets filled up with a lot of air to "wring" you out.  No pins or other metallic fasteners on the clothing.  Zippers can do some damage.  Take bracelets and watches off.  
  6. Treat My House Like Your Grandma's House.  Would you leave a mess at grandmas?  I hope not!.  When your session is over, please carefully remove the sleeves.  Hang them up on the back of the chair, in the same manner, you found them.  Switch the power off and unplug the pump.  Close the lights and leave happy knowing you just practiced good self-care medicine.  


So here's the deal.  Like you, I also need to feed my family and pay my rent. I'd like to give it away for free all the time, but that doesn't help me pay my bills.   At the same time, I want to be able to help my clients, friends, and family by making rehab and recovery affordable AND accessible to all.  

Instead of making punch cards and trying to organize a system like that, I am implementing a suggested payment plan and allowing you to pay as you go.

The idea is simple.   If you truly cannot afford the service, you can still use it.  No questions asked.  I want you to be well.  If you have emotional distress over this, consider leaving a recommendation on my Facebook or Google business page or a shout out with a picture on your social media channels.  

Or you can pay any amount that you feel is right.

I am suggesting

  • $10 for 20 minutes or less
  • $20 for 60 minutes

By the way, that's a fabulous deal!  You can't get a good massage for that price.  Other organizations that have a similar service charge on average $25 or more for an hour.  I will leave a log book and a donation box in the studio on top of the music system and say no more.

Renting A Recovery Sleeve Set

I have a recovery sleeve set available to rent out.  Great for competition and race weekends. Contact Deb for pricing and to arrange.

Okay, so there's all the info on scheduling a recovery sleeve session.  Have questions?  You know where to find me!  

If you enjoyed this article and know someone who can benefit from reading it or using my services, PLEASE reach out, comment and SHARE!

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Head Photo Credit:  Melissa Thome Photography

Author:  Deb Preachuk is a Certified Foundation Training & STOTT Pilates Instructor, Corrective Exercise & Posture Alignment Specialist, and the founder/owner of Pain Free Posture MN.   

You can follow Deb on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, or subscribe to her YouTube, Pinterest or Instagram pages.

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