Why do I Need to Get A New Menu?

Why do I Need to Get A New Menu?

Q:  Why Do I Need to Get A New Corrective Exercise Menu?  Can't I just keep doing my initial program.

A:  Well, you can do just about anything you like, but that doesn't always mean it's the best choice.  Your boy is a stimulus-response machine.  The ABSENCE of Pain Does Not Mean You've Completed The Entire Process.

It really is as simple as stimulus and demand.  

Your body gets used to comfort.  Even if you're pain-free, it is erroneous to think that doing the same menu over and over means you've finished the process of postural therapy.  It's a common and frequent mistake that people make with Posture Alignment Therapy.


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  • In fact, isn't that exactly what brought you in to hire our services in the first place?  Doing the same thing over and over again without change? Isn't that the definition of insanity?

    Why would you settle than less than best for yourself?

    When it comes to re-aligning your body, it is not possible to address everything at once. There are certain issues that must be resolved before others. Such as pain.  Without fixing those high priority issues first, working on anything else have little effect.  

    My first priority is to mitigate your symptoms by reducing the rotation in your body and neutralizing your pelvis and spine.  You will feel tremendously better right away, and even Pain Free in just one menu.  However, this is where the danger lies.  We have not strengthened you from the inside out or fully restored proper range of motion and function to all of the four major load joints.  Posture Alignment Therapy is not a quick fix, but rather one that works on total restoration.  It took a number of years for your body to get into it's current condition.  The greatest gift you can give yourself is working through menu sequencing to completion.

    Second, as your body begins to change, your program should be updated to match those changes. Some parts of your body will change faster than others, so it is important to have a program is correct for you at that moment.

    Lastly, postural deviations often have a way of "flushing" themselves (as I like to call it) down and out, or up and out.  Many times, as certain problems begin to peel away, other problems are revealed. It is very common for the human body to hide its dysfunctions in order to perform the tasks it is called upon to do.