Do I Have To Do My Corrective Exercise Menu Everyday?

Do I Have To Do My Corrective Exercise Menu Everyday?

A:  YES, doing your menu every day is highly recommended!

At the START of Posture Alignment Therapy and for the first few weeks, a daily practice is highly encouraged to help you maximize the benefits and bring about the biggest postural changes. 

Prior to coming to Pain Free Posture MN, your developed incorrect and/or poor motor habits within your body to compensate for muscle and joint dysfunctions. Every day you went about your life moving on an imbalanced body.  It took time to get into the condition you are currently in, and it will take some time to restore it back to "blue-print" design.

Posture alignment therapy is a PROCESS, not a quick fix.  But I PROMISE you, it's worth it.  Corrective exercise designed to re-educate and train your body back to restore its blue-print design and function.  Remember, building strength on crooked, makes stronger crooked!  

In order to not only see improvements, but to feel them, you must establish new muscle stimulus and memory on a daily basis in order to have the corrections hold over time.

We recommend that you do your corrective exercises as often as you can (ideally every day, but no less than five days per week for the best results, especially at the beginning). 

However, we also understand that life happens and in reality you might miss a day or two.

Please do not beat yourself up (we're human too!)  

When that happens, use the opportunity to notice how you feel when you miss a day as compared to the days your do your corrective exercise menu.  More than likely some old discomforts may come creeping back in, or you notice your range of motion or overall sense of well being is a bit lower than on the days you do your menu.

Use that as motivation to fuel your new habit.

Your Corrective Exercise Specialist will work with you during your initial assessment to create a realistic plan that enables you to dedicate time to doing a menu of corrective exercise each day.  We are happy to design a program that meets your lifestyle needs and want you to be successful.  

Overtime, your stimulus and demand needs for your new and better posture will change.  Along the way your Certified Posture Alignment Specialist will work with you and help coach and teach you sucessful strategies how to do this to maintain your newly restored good posture and pain free life and living!