Pain Free Walking. Good Advice Gets In Your Head

Pain Free Walking. Good Advice Gets In Your Head

Have Knee Pain When You Walk?  Ever consider that it's the body (your position) you take into the activity (walking) and not the activity itself that is the root cause of the problem (knee pain)?  That's what Laura Allard learned. 


I had the privilege of meeting Laura (@plainjaneink) at The Pain Free Workshop I taught at CrossFit Winnipeg back in August, 2012. 


One of my deepest joys is to see the direct and immediate impact the concepts of Posture Alignment Therapy can have on a person who is open to Pete Egoscue's simple message.  


Eliminating chronic musculoskeletal pain without medication, manipulation or surgery is possible.  


The Pain Free Workshop is an introduction to the basics of Posture Alignment Therapy (Egoscue Method).  In the workshop we identify that:

  1. Pain is a signal
  2. The body has a specific blue-print design 
  3. Incorrect motor patterns due to muscular imbalances left unaddressed will overtime produce load joint compensations and dysfucntions and leave you susceptible to chronic pain and injury.


As you read Laura's blog, you'll see how quickly she was able to implement the short lessons she learned into her walking challenge so that she could accomplish her goal of an acitve 5 mile walk, PAIN FREE!


After actively participating in the workshop, Laura was able to implement three very important things right away.


  1. She listened to her body (Pain is a signal)
  2. She remembered that her knee has a specific direction and location it is supposed to be and function in (The body has a blue-sprint design)
  3. The incorrect position of her knee was the result of muscular imbalances on all the load joints acting above and below the knee (ankle, hip, shoulder).  The only way her body could tell her something was wrong was to send a signal.  Pain.  She stopped.  She listenened.  She applied her knowledge (courtesty of my voice in her head).  

I hope you enjoy and find motivation in reading Laura's blog

Munson Park Challenge: Week 2

Walking mindfully is Hard Work when you’re getting into the groove of it, and of course Mindfully minding your posture at the same time 

All was going well until I started experiencing left knee pain after turning into the park and a change in elevation…not BC variety elevation change, just the stuff you can encounter on any old street in Winnipeg, where the upheaval of the ground can be equal to a 20% grade.Moving right along, as I said, left knee pain…. and not just a little, I’d say the 5 variety of pain.

So I did my check, neck’s in the right position, not too much hip sway because I’ve got the good pelvic tilt happening, feet are solid, squared to my shoulders, straight with a smidge of an inward turn, so what’s a girl to do?

Listen to the voice in your head, it’ll be Deb Preachuk saying….

“Correct, don’t compensate”.

Aha, adjust the left knee a little to the West and voila, after a few awkward steps, pain is abating, and a block down the road, all body parts accounted for, we’re truckin’ down the street again at a decent pace.

All that taken into consideration, wasn’t I surprised when I returned to my stoop at 1:35pm!I’d say Week 2 of my self imposed Munson Park Challenge has gotten off to a grand start. Long walk will be Friday this week as I am off to lend a little Mindfulness Magic to a golf tournament on Thursday.
Happy Trails,

LA xo

About the Author|

Laura Allard @plainjaneink is a Certified Meditation Teacher,Personal Development Coach and Step Mom focused on empowering the planet one extraordinary, ordinary person at a time.  You can find her at