Make Time For You. 5 Free Posture Alignment Exercises for the Holidays

Make Time For You. 5 Free Posture Alignment Exercises for the Holidays

Winter and the Holiday Season has arrived finding us waking up to dark cold mornings, have very short days with little sunshine, and are over busy nights with family commitments, office parties, shopping and "to do" lists a mile long!  


Combine all that with over-indulgent foods, a disrupted life schedule and increased stress levels it's pretty hard to stay balanced in mind-body and spirit when all you want to do is collapse into bed at the end of the day because you are completely exhausted and overloaded!  


During this time it is especially important to give your body a time to re-align and reconnect through balanced movement. It's so important that we change with the season by adapting our daily habits, Egoscue postural therapy practice and food choices.  Ironically, it's only through change that we can actually stay balanced as we shift through the season.


Even though this is a time to focus on our blessings, gratitude and family, friends and loved ones, it actually is an incredibly stressful time!  All the more reason to have AND maintain a regular posture alignment therapy practice!  Keeping the body balanced helps us to stay physically, mentally and emotionally balanced and strong in the midst of our "busy season".  


Below, you’ll find my suggestions on how to make time in your schedule for your postural therapy practice, along with my favorite postural therapy e-cises for the holiday season.  


5 Ways to Make Time for Your Corrective Exercises

Here are my top five ways to fit postural therapy into your busy life schedule during the holidays.  I promise you it is worth every second!  

  1. Set a Schedule.  Maintaining balance in mind, body and spirit is key!  Remember that you're health is a priority, so setting a dedicated time for yourself each day is priceless.  If you write that into your daily calendar, you're much more likely to remember it, keep it a priority and ultimately stick to your routine as your schedule gets busier!  I promise that your body will thank you for it!
  2. Commit to Realistic Goals. Be sure that you pick a time of the day and length of time that is realistic for you.  If you're not a morning person, the holidays are not the time to start getting up at 5am.  Pick a length and time of the day where you can realistically do your postural therapy practice and keep it simple!  If 15 or 30 minutes is all you have, maximize those minutes!  You can do more on the days that allow for it, and on others where the shorter time is all that's available, you'll accomplish and meet your goal.  It's a win/win!  
  3. Have a plan of action.  Dedicate your time by have your e-cise menu printed out, equipment laid aside, and your water and workout clothing at hand.  How many times have you failed becuase you had a short amount of time and you couldn't get yourself together.  Prepping for your postural therapy time will make all the difference in making sure you're not scurrying around right before (which keeps your stress level down) and ensures that you stick to your commitment. 
  4. Explore your options. If you are pain free and looking for variety, why not put in the Pain Free DVD or work out of any of Pete Egoscue's books for your set amount of time?  In pain, why not download some of the FREE pain mitigating sample menus available from us?  They will give you a good idea of how simple yet profound postural therapy is and will introduce you to some of the different e-cise names and what they look/feel like. 
  5. Focus on the Benefits. A regular posture alignment therapy practice is important. By sticking to your e-cise menus you will have more energy throughout the day, less pain, sleep better, increase your mobility/flexibility and as a result be better able to manage stress though the holidays.


Our Go To 5 Postural Therapy Exercises For The Holidays

The following five corrective exercises can be done in the comfort of your own home or while travelling and at any time of day.  They are simple and yet profound, and the best part, only take a few minutes out of your day.  


This combination of exercises will help keep you posturally balanced, minimize posture related pain and help you reduce stress in mind-body and spirit throughout this holiday season.  

  1. Static Back: This exercise creates horizontal load between the shoulders and pelvis and helps to restore proper thoracic extension by engaging the proper activation of the stabilizers and flexors of the hip.  Well known to help mitigate chronic low back pain, this position helps prevent compensation from occurring while performing other types of muscular work. 
  2. Modified Floor Block: This exercise promotes passive pelvic and lumbar extension by repositioning the upper back area.
  3. Cats & Dogs:  The Cats & Dogs e-cise works the hips, spine, shoulders and neck in coordinated flexion-extension.  The Cats & Dogs is well known to improve posture and balance, stretches the hips, back and abdominal area, strengthen and stretches the spine and neck, massages and stimulates internal organs and helps increase motor coordination.  
  4. Downward Facing Dog: The Downward Dog is a well know exercise found in both the Egoscue and yoga world.  This exercise helps re-establish the linkage from the wrists to the feet.  Down Dog is known to calm the brain, help relieve stress and mild depression, energizes the body, stretches the shoulders, hamstrings, calves, arches and hands, and improves digestion.
  5. Standing Windmills:  Have you ever been told you have one leg that is longer than the other?  It may appear that way, but in all likelihood, you have a disparity in the muscles that act on and across the hip.  Standing Windmills is an excellent e-cise that addresses and restores this disparity. Done on a regular basis, this exercise helps restore both the dynamic tension and balance discrepancies that can occur in one's body, reduces rotation, and helps massage and tones the internal organs. Added benefits?  Strengthening and tones the abdominals and hip musculature. 

Download and print off the Menu for FREE!

Creating and maintaining a consistent Egoscue approved postural therapy practice is an important way to help you achieve a pain free life and living!  We hope you enjoy our Top 5 Postural Therapy E-cises for the Holidays.  It's our pleasure to help you stay physically, mentally and emotionally strong throughout the holiday season and behyond.  We hope it helps you find your vitality as you take time out to balance and awaken your own mind-body practice.  

Be sure to let us know how it goes for you and if you have any questions!  Remember, we're in this together, and I am here to help!