Love Pilates? NEVER Do this on a Pilates Reformer!

Love Pilates? NEVER Do this on a Pilates Reformer!

Today's I'd like to share a funny YouTube video called How NOT to Workout, that's been around for awhile.  

Now I’m not the kind of person to throw stones at others, and I typically really dislike making fun of people, but today I'm being a hypocrite and doing both! 

I'm not sure if the video cracks me up because it’s really funny, or because the person who posted it added Olivia Newton-John’s Physical to the audio track!  

Either way, hopefully it will make you laugh too! (and please forgive me if you find yourself singing Physical all day long!)

What you’re looking at is an individual who:

  • has idea or had instruction on how to use the Reformer
  • is just fooling around looking for attention
  • is low on blood sugar or partaking of illegal substances!

I just howled the first time I say this video.  The guy does exactly what happens to be every person's worst fear the first time we put the feet into the footstraps.  

If I had a dollar for every time someone said to me "are you sure I won't catapult off of this thing?" I'd be very wealthy.

Trust me – In all my years of teaching and practicing Pilates, I have NEVER seen a student of mine go flying off the Reformer while under my tutelage.  Having a worry like this is just one of the many reasons why you should invest in your health and safety and hire a Certified Instructor who can safely train you how to use this amazing piece of equipment to your benefit.

The Reformer is in my personal and professional opinion, one of the best exercise machines of all time!  Personally, I just love the feeling of lengthening my body and engaging mind, body and spirit while working out on the Reformer.

Reformer workouts require you to activate and engage almost every muscle group in your body in a balanced way front-to-back and side-to-side.   It is an effective and complementary form of training for weekend warriors and athletes looking to maximize their sport performance.  It also is a wonderful progression for clients who have completed Posture Alignment Therapy and are now PAIN Free and fully functional.

Reformer training with a Certified STOTT Pilates® instructor will help you optimize joint range of motion and spinal mobility/stability required for your sport or activities of daily living.   An additional benefit of working out on the Reformer is that there is little to no impact.  It is a safe and effective workout for those with chronic musculoskeletal and/or joint pain, idiopathic scoliosis, fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis (to name just a few) and for individuals who have undergone surgery, physical rehabilitation and/or joint replacements.

Another benefit of Reformer training with an instructor who specializes in postural restoration is improved spinal and pelvic alignment, reduce chronic back pain, and improved posture.

In fact, recently posted an article citing a study Queen’s University conducted on the effects of reformer workouts on chronic pain.  In the study two groups of chronic back pain sufferers received trial treatment over a period of one year. The first group participated in exercises using Pilates equipment and the second received conventional treatment in the form of consultations with health-care professionals.  

The result?  Those who utilized Pilates equipment showed significantly better improvements in their (chronic pain) condition.  

The Pilates Reformer does just what it says;

it Reforms your body!

The reformer was created by Joseph H. Pilates during WWI as a means of rehabilitating injuries for the war wounded.  Today we use the reformer to help clients realign and restore the bodies back to it’s to its natural and proper form.  

Joseph Pilates wanted all of us to experience a pain-free and balanced body, and I couldn’t agree more!

When clients finish a Reformer workout they frequently comment on how much more aware of their bodies they have become.  We hear words like, better, taller, invigorated, lengthened, aware and GOOD all the time.  

Enjoy the video one more time and please remember - This is How NOT to Workout on a Refomer!