Live Aloha. How My Teaching Path Came Full Circle Through Hawaii

Live Aloha. How My Teaching Path Came Full Circle Through Hawaii

Aloha!  I'm writing to you all from beautiful Kailua, Oahu, Hawaii!   I'm here to teach an Egoscue University Posture Alignment Specialist (PAS) Certification Seminar.  

I can't possibly communicate with proper depth how grateful I am to be in Kailua right now.  It feels like my professional career has come full circle, and in fact, it truly has.

I am teaching PAS 1 & 2 Seminar at Pilates Training Center Hawaii, the very place where I first found another person who educated others in the same way I did.  

I'd be remiss if I didn't share the backdrop of the story.  Back in May of 2007, I had the opportunity to work at and run a Pilates Maui.  While in Maui, my colleague and mentor,  Monique Lavoie of Pilates Manitoba suggested I meet her friend, Jayme Newhouse.  

Jayme owns Pilates Training Center Hawaii.  

She offered to have me come to Oahu on one of my days off of work to visit her studio and spend a day together.  And this day changed my life forever!  

While at PTCH, I happened to see another STOTT Pilates instructor working with a client.  While in the midst of a private session, the instructor had to modify a movement to help the client facilitate better joint alignment and movement to accomplish the goal.  What was fascinating to me is that her teaching style and method of modification was almost identical to my own.  
And I had NEVER seen that before!

In fact, I can never express how seeing her cue and instruct those movements.  It practically knocked me over!  You see,  in nearly ten years of teaching Pilates, and close to 20 years of teaching movement, I had NEVER seen anyone else look at the person as a whole unit and teach the way I did.

Over the years I because very good at helping people overcome chronic joint and muscle pain.  I had intuitively implemented an approach of using Pilates movements and de-constructing them in order to help people overcome dysfunctional movement patters.  While I had a Bachelor's degree in Physical Education, and a very strong background in human anatomy, kinesiology and biomechanics, all I could ever tell people is that I was a really great Pilates instructor.  Somehow my University degree didn't transcend to why I was good at helping people improve posture and relieve muscle and joint pain.

So here I am thousands of miles away from home, visiting a new friend at her studio.  And I have a moment that had I not been paying attention, may have passed.  And it certainly wouldn't have happened had I not taken a risk to take a two week job in Maui, or listened to the advice of a mentor.

Although the client was in a Pilates session, the instructor identified a joint dysfunction which limited the right movement and function required of the exercise.  The Pilates instructor, Jeebee Yim was masterfully addressing her client's joint dysfunction with a corrective exercise (hook lying knee pillow squeezes) to create the proper demand.  

I had been doing just that with my clients for years!  If the student couldn't do it, then I was determined to figure out what wasn't happening in the body and then create a path and a way to facilitate it.

Since I had never seen anyone besides myself teach like that, I had to know more about this person.  In a brief conversation between myself and Jayme Newhouse (the studio owner), The Egoscue Method of Posture Alignment Therapy entered into my vocabulary.  That day changed my life forever, and the rest is history!

I'll never forget when Jayme said to me, you must practice Egoscue!  "Eh-a-what"?  "What is that a Hawaiian word," is what I said.   

She said "Egoscue; you must do Egoscue."  I was confused.  She said "here, look at her textbook (it was a copy of Pain Free by Pete Egoscue).  I looked through that book and found out that there were other people just like me.  That's who I was!   

People who practiced posture alignment therapy were my people!  I had intuitively been practicing a form of corrective exercise movements from a posture and load-joint perspective to help people get out of chronic muscle and joint pain without knowing that there was such a certification!  

Long story short, within months after my first work trip to Hawaii I was in San Diego to complete my PAS 1 Certification, and within another two years I finished my certification levels and went on to join The Egoscue University, as an Adjunct Instructor.

I have the utmost privilege to teach and help others work towards their Certification too!

This trip to Hawaii now brings my story full circle.  I'm here to teach Jayme Newhouse, the very person who invited me to come to Ohau back in 2007 to visit her studio!  As I write this, today marks our last day of training together.  It has been a fantastic week, full of positive energy in the learning environment, and extra adventures outside of our training time, all with the purpose of helping people here in Hawaii truly achieve a pain-free life and living.  

I've met wonderful clients, staff, and students of Pilates Training Center Hawaii, and everyone is excited to have posture alignment therapy available as an additional resource in their health and complete wellness toolbox!

Today I'm here in Hawaii because I took a risk six years ago, and my life has forever changed!  I'm passionate about what I do as a Certified PAS because I know it works.  And it's a privilege to be able to share it with others.

I know Jayme is going to be a fantastic provider of postural therapy here in Oahu and thousands of lives will be changed for the better.  Make sure you reach out and book your sessions.  You'll be in the best of care!


BLOG UPDATE:  In July 2013 I resigned from my Adjunct Instructor teaching position.  To learn more see Goodbye Egoscue University.  I LOVED Every Minute of It!