If Your Body Could Write You a Letter

If Your Body Could Write You a Letter

I simply have to share.  This is a re-post from Craig Harper's personal Facebook page.  

Craig Harper is a better known in his homeland of Australia.  He is a motivational speaker, author, blogger,  radio host and peak performance coach.  

I find his posts to be quite profound, and literally each day shares gems of profound wisdom.  His posts are one of the first things I look at when I check my own Facebook newsfeed and I hope after you read today's message, you begin to follow him as well.

But let me take it a step further.  There's a difference between simply reading, and acting.  Better said, I hope that after you read today's post, you begin to ACT and CHANGE based on his wise observations of human behavior.  

Please take the time to read and meditate on his wise advice.  It just might save or totally change your life for the better.

If your body could write you a letter, it might say something like this…

"Er… hi. I’ve been trying to get in contact with you for a while but for some reason, you don’t seem to listen. I’ve been speaking progressively louder (sometimes I yell) but apparently it’s hard to hear when your head is in the sand. Of course, I’d suggest you pull it out but we both know how much you appreciate advice or anything that might challenge your comfortable operating system. Anyway, I’ve sent you numerous messages over the last year or so (headaches, weight-gain, constipation, stress hormones, blood pressure, anxiety, brain fog and diminishing energy levels, just to name a few) but sadly for me, it seems that you always have more important things to pay attention to.

In case you haven’t noticed, I work really hard to counteract the crazy things you do to me but I need to tell you that, although I am an amazing example of biology, you are killing me before my time with your irrational, indulgent and destructive behavior. You take me for granted but it’s time to stop. More and more, I feel unwell and function poorly; not because of some unavoidable genetic issue but because of the things you choose to do to me. Yep, choose. You make the choices but I suffer the consequences. Please, please, please don’t kill me. I have so much potential. I can be so incredible for you, if only you would take proper care of me.

Sometimes you mistakenly think that you are me and I am you. Well, you’re wrong. To be honest, there are times when you’re little more than an ungrateful resident and I’m forced to adapt to your destructive ways. I am an amazing gift that you neglect and I want you to know that I would never treat you the way you have treated me. In fact, I spend my life trying to protect you. Fighting disease for you. Killing cancer cells for you. Healing wounds for you. Turning on the right hormones to trigger the right responses at the right times. I am here to serve you. And every day, you have the opportunity to change your relationship with me. To treat me well. To protect me. Value me.

To love me.

I hope this letter from your body to yourself challenged you as it did me.  If you like what you read and want to get more of Craig Harper's teaching and insights on behavior and ways to successfully change your life visit:

We all have been blessed with one life and one body to live this life in.  If you're not where you want to be, remember we all have the power to choose and change.  Not listening to your body because you're too busy, too old, too young. too overweight (insert any excuse you want here), is like setting yourself up for a disaster waiting to happen.  Eventually something will give physically or emotionally or both.  

Your body is so wonderfully designed that it sends you signals.  LISTEN!  Please don't wait for a catastrophe to happen or receive some terrifying health news.  Finding the time to change after that happens isn't necessary.  

We all have the same hours and often commitments in a day.  You can start today changing your priorities, mindset, thoughts, actions and habits.  What are you going to change?


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Author:  Deb Preachuk is a Certified Foundation Training & STOTT Pilates Instructor, Corrective Exercise & Posture Alignment Specialist, and the founder/owner of Pain Free Posture MN.   You can follow Deb on Facebook, TwitterGoogle+, and LinkedIn, or subscribe to her YouTubePinterest or Instagram pages.