How is Corrective Exercise Different than Physical Therapy or Chiropractic treatment?

How is Corrective Exercise Different than Physical Therapy or Chiropractic treatment?

Q:  How is Corrective Exercise different than Physical Therapy or Chiropractic treatment? 

A:  We assess and address the whole body as an integrated unit versus focusing on solely treating the pain/symptom.

At Pain Free Posture MN we are able to work with and treat the entire body as a unit instead of focusing on isolated symptomatic pain.   More simply, that means we can look above and below the area and identify muscle and joint imbalances that directly correlate to the pain you are experiencing.

In general, Physical Therapy treats the injured or specific affected area of the body but may overlook underlying causes of pain originating elsewhere in the body.

Chiropractors adjust spinal, pelvic and skeletal positions with the premise that the muscles will re-align and re-balance themselves to hold the bones in their proper and newly adjusted location. 

In no way am I stating that I am against physical therapy or chiropractic.  Here at Pain Free Posture MN we support all forms of healthcare, and if you've found pain relief from these modalities, that should be celebrated!

However,  a long time ago I learned that "bones will go where muscles tell them to".

An that is exactly what separates and contrasts Corrective Exercise programming from the two.  We is assess and address the entire body, from the ankle upward, and help you to understand how you ended up in a chronic muscle and joint pain cycle from a whole body, versus symptom approach.  

In my experience, if you do nothing to correct your joint and muscle position and function which first created the stress on your body, the pain most often returns, onset, intensity and duration increase, or new ones appear.   

Often we as humans misinterpret the information the body is giving us.  We think it's our age, genetics, or bad luck in life.  

We disagree.  A pain-free life is your birthright and the human body is designed to regenerate, heal and repair itself if you give it some balance. 

At Pain Free Posture MN, we help you listen to what your body and pain signals are telling you, and give you a way to help yourself attend to these signals versus mask them.  

This means that your pain (symptom) has more to do with your our body position (posture) and function than you may be aware of.  

By addressing the underlying cause of symptomatic chronic muscle and joint pain, Corrective Exercise is a more comprehensive and long lasting way to stop the chronic pain cycle.   Since fascia and muscles govern the position and movement of bones, re-training them towards their proper muscle-length tension relationship and function promotes the realignment of joints.  

The result?  The stress your body is experiencing from compensations and imbalances is reduced, your body position and function improves, and pain goes away.