Habit-Based Health & Nutrition Coaching

In the face of current health trends and the failure of the Western medical establishment to provide adequate resources for disease prevention Health and Nutrition coaching is at the forefront of wellness trends according to the 2016 American College of Sports Medicine’s 10th annual Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends.

This is a specialty service that sets Pain Free Posture MN apart from other personal trainers.  We can customize programming based on treating YOU as a unique, WHOLE individual!  

Did you know that the average doctor-patient visit lasts seven minutes?  

Think about it.  It's barely enough time to say hello, explain your symptoms, get a general diagnosis or referral, and prescribe a quick-fix drug to mask the symptom. Rarely do patients get a wholistic viewpoint on what they can do to change their lifestyle to address an issue.  

If you're like me, I want to work with individuals who can devote time to my health needs and to nurture a client-coach relationship that cultivates lasting change and helps to prevent and treat chronic conditions.

If you're looking for (and needing) more one-on-one attention in all aspects of your health, that's where a health and nutrition coach can fill the gap.  At Pain Free Posture MN we offer Hybrid Personal Training.  This allows us to customize your fitness plan, and implement nutrition coaching based on the science behind healthy food and behavior/habit change.  Health and Nutrition Coaching can be a stand alone service or added to any of our services.  

Health & Nutrition Coaching Pricing

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