Gratitude and Thanks

Gratitude and Thanks

There's nothing like celebrating Thanksgiving Day to help one pause and reflect on the many people, places and things that have enriched my life.  As I enjoyed the day with my family and took time to reflect on what I'm thankful and grateful for I realized that I have so many blessing I can't count high enough!  


We LOVE our fans! I'd like to take this time to say THANK YOU to all of our Facebook Fans who've taken the time to "Like" our FB page. Welcome to our newest community members and  helping us steadily climb our way up to one of my professional goals.  We're 7 fans away from 500 Fans!  With your help we're changing people's lives for the better one "share" at a time, and now we can set the bar even higher!


I am thankful for the beauty and wonder of the "blue-print design" of the human body and the 8 Laws of Physical Health

I'm thankful for the privilege to teach the profound yet simple truth upon which The Egoscue Method of Postural Therapy is built.   

"Given half a chance the body can heal itself"

~ Pete Egoscue.


To all my clients past and present I give thanks!  Every day I'm blessed to have the privilege of doing the work that I do.  I know it wouldn't be possible without you all taking a chance on a simple, yet profound chronic pain solution. 


Thank you for coming into our studio in person or partnering with us online. Each of you has stepped out and taken a chance on the simple idea that if you balance the body, you can relieve the pain. Thank you for being my teachers, clients, and the reason why we do what we do here at Pain Free Posture MN

I take my responsibility of working with you seriously and appreciate that you trust us with your health care. It is a blessing to have the opportunity to share the amazing benefits of posture alignment therapy (Egoscue Method) with you.


I'd also like to take a minute to acknowledge the insightful people and organizations who have mentored, taught, motivated and taught me to dream and make my best work possible here at Pain Free Posture MN


  • The late John Cowles who gave financial support to bring STOTT Pilates to Minnesota and provided me with personal advice and guidance that forever changed my life,
  • The Athletic Director (Randy) and Group Fitness Coordinator  (Kathy) of the now defunct Decathlon Athletic Club who both had faith in my teaching abilities and blessed me beyond measure by gifting me with my Comprehensive STOTT Pilates Certification and opportunity to teach my first Pilates classes
  • Pete Egoscue for putting his words to print (The Egoscue Method of Health Through Motion, Pain Free) and vision (The Egoscue University) into an easy to digest format that has helped hundreds of thousands of people world wide eliminate chronic musculoskeletal pain and achieve a pain free life and living!
  • The Egoscue University who gave me a format and identity (Imagine my surprise when I found out that there was a Certification for what I was doing intuitively on my own.  I was over the moon to find out there were "people just like me.") and ultimately brought me into the fold by giving me the opportunity to join the teaching staff
  • Glen Bergeron (The University of Manitoba Department of Kinesiology and Applied Health) who first introduced me to the concept that "bones will go where the muscles tell them", taught me anatomy, basic athletic therapy, biomechanics and ROCKED my world as my own Athletic Therapist by helping me overcome my own chronic pain at a very young age
  • Anne Dawson who joyfully taught me about resorative Pilates and shared her love of working with Injuries and Special Populations clients)
  • Monique Lavoie (Pilates Training Center Manitoba) who supported and mentored me when I was at my lowest and questioning if this was the right path in my life and ultimately introduced me to pivotal and life changing relationships.  I will never be able to repay that kindness.  I cherish you Monique!
  • My Hawaiian connection of provisional relationships - Candice Crews (Pilates Maui), Jayme Newhouse (Pilates Training Center Hawaii), and Jeebee Yim (CoreKinetics, LLC) for just being in the right place at the right time!


And last but not least, I'd like to THANK the Achieving a Pain Free Life and Living BLOG subscribers!  I appreciate that you take time to read my blog, cheer me on, share the information with others and post your comments.  


Sometimes I wonder if anyone is reading, but I know that you are!  This blog is a labor of love and I'm thankful for your comments, likes and shares, and most importantly, that you give me a format to put my words into action.


To all of you who joined me in celebration of Thanksgiving Day here at Pain Free Posture MN, I pray you all had a richly blessed day with your family, friends and loved ones! When all is said and done, I realize that what I'm most grateful for is all of YOU in my life! 


Thank you.

With much love...
Deb Preachuk