Get the RIGHT Equipment to Maximize Your Postural Therapy Menu

Get the RIGHT Equipment to Maximize Your Postural Therapy Menu

Do you DO Corrective Exercise or Posture Alignment Therapy?   Are you currently doing a menu written by an Egoscue University Certified Posture Alignment Specialist or doing menus on your own out of one of Pete Egoscue's books?  

At Pain Free Posture MN we encourage you to invest in your health by purchasing products designed to maximize your postural therapy menus.

I've been using and recommending these products for years and get asked all the time about what and where to buy them.  Let me first say that I am in no way sponsored or endorsing one company over the other.  The company I professionally use is Therapy Zone, however there is another manufacturer which I've also listed.

The package I most often recommend to my clients is the Tower and Foam Package w/Foam Rolls (you'll get

  • Positioning tower w/ footpads
  • Foam block, rolls, and pillows
  • Yoga strap

 Crooked Human sells the Egoscue® Ultimate Posture Therapy Package

No matter the name or label on the product, at a minimum this package will have:

  • Multi-Positioning Tower
  • One or more foot pedals or adaptor
  • 1-Large Foam Block (14' x 18" x 24")
  • 2-Foam Pillows
  • 2- Inflatable or Solid Foam Rolls
  • Stretching Strap

The Blocks and Pillows I use here in my studio are the original sized products with removable covers. I find that they have the most versatility, and I like that the cover that can be washed.

When you place your order all of the companies will give you the option to order the blocks and pillows with or without the removable, washable nylon covers.  Depending on who you purchase from you can get Blue, Silver, Coffee or Tan covers. 

At the publish date, shipping is included in the cost when you purchase from Therapy Zone, and shipping is extra if you purchase from Crooked Human.

As far as the inflatable or solid foam rolls go, it is my personal and professional opinion and experience that the inflatable rolls are the better option.  They give the most adaptability for different types of menus, changes in posture and can be manipulated for different support by inflating/deflating as necessary.

Notably, each of the companies listed above offers a value line or mid-size package which with has smaller foam blocks and/or pillows, or a package that comes with all of the equipment except for the large foam block.

This value or mid size line offers a slightly smaller in size foam block but offers all the function required in any postural program at a smaller price.  

While I love the price and versatility option, be careful here.  If you are over 65 inches in height (5' 5") it's been my experience that the large foam block is best for truly getting to 90 degrees of flexion at the hip for exercises such as the Static Back.  And to add to that, you may also need a Foam Block Extension pad.  To determine which size is right for you, check with your Certified Posture Alignment Specialist.

And last but not least, the one other MUST HAVE piece of equipment for your posture alignment therapy menus is the Multi Position Slant Board. or a Wood Slant Board/Calf Stretcher.

The lowest cost is the one produced by Therapy Zone and the board produced by Crooked Human is touted as the only board manufactured to Egoscue® specifications.   

I have not purchased the one by Crooked Human, but can tell you that in my professional experience, I've been pleased with the performance and durability of the one made by Therapy Zone and have used mine without fail for 7 years.

No matter who you buy it from, the slant board will it maximize your performance in e-cises such as Gravity Drop and Wall Drop, but will also give you multiple uses.  It can withstand over 400 pounds and adjusts to 4 different levels (10, 15, 20 and 30 degrees) and can be stored flat.  

If you've been faithful to your postural therapy menus as either an at home following any of Pete's Egoscue's books, or have worked from menus created by a Certified Posture Alignment Specialist, do yourself a favor and maximize your experience by investing in your health.  

Consider taking your corrective exercise menus to the next level by incorporating posture, alignment and rehab products designed to help you achieve a pain free life and living.  I promise you, you'll not only feel the difference, but you'll never go back to fussing with "making things work" with stuff around the house.

Questions/concerns?   Please reach out.  We'd love to hear from you.

Value Foam Package with Multi-Positioning Tower and Foam Rolls