From Postural Therapy to Pilates WITHOUT Surgery. A Pain-Free Testimonial

From Postural Therapy to Pilates WITHOUT Surgery. A Pain-Free Testimonial

I've got a lovely client testimonial to share!  This Pain-Free success story comes from a client of mine who has:


  • overcome chronic pain and multiple failed surgeries AND 
  • avoided a new surgery for a torn meniscus 

through the use of combined modalities, starting with posture alignment therapy that transitioned into STOTT Pilates. I hope that if her testimonial speaks to you, you'll find encouragement that there are alternative pain-relief options out there!


"In the last 10 years I've had multiple surgeries on my feet and both shoulders. After months of not being able to sleep because my shoulder pain had returned, I went to my doctor who prescribed yet another surgery.

Looking for alternatives, I went to my chiropractor who referred me to Deb Preachuk at Pain Free Posture MN. He wasn’t sure what she did, but said she had helped several of his patients.

Deb explained that the multiple surgeries I'd endured were simply at attempt to fix symptoms that were being caused by a misalignment in other parts of my body. Until I fixed my alignment issues, the symptoms would periodically reappear. An alternative would be to eliminate the symptoms forever by correcting the underlying postural mis-alignment problems through a very specific corrective exercise program (Posture Alignment Therapy).

It sounded too good to be true, but the Egoscue Method article and book (Pain Free by Pete Egoscue) she gave me made a lot of sense, so I decided to take a leap of faith and started working with her.

Initially I attended monthly sessions with Deb where she taught me a new set of exercises, then I did them on my own on a daily basis.

Progress was slow but sure, and I was encouraged enough to start seeing her twice a month. Within 10 months my shoulder pain was totally gone!

Around Christmas (2009) I started to experience knee pain. The day after Christmas it became so severe that I called Deb to request an emergency visit. She had me come right over, identified the problem, and showed me how my posture was related to my pain.

Deb said it was “fixable” through corrective e-cises, and that if we gave the body a chance to align properly, the knee had a chance to heal. (I later had an orthopedic surgeon take an MRI and was diagnosed with a torn meniscus that needed to be surgically repaired.)

Now, after working with Deb and no surgery, my knee pain is completely gone! We worked on correcting the origins of my structural misalignment and resulting compensation movements with my feet and shoulders.

Deb has been excellent at explaining to me where my postural alignment has been abnormal according to the “blue-print” design of the human body, what that has caused my frame to do, and how that has affected my movement.

She does an excellent job of explaining why certain exercises are assigned to me, and how they will help modify and ultimately change and improve the way I move.

Because I am now PAIN-FREE I've progressed to STOTT Pilates sessions now to aid in strengthening the correct muscles and movement patterns.

Deb has always been flexible with our appointments……if I could only come once a month that was fine. She helped me become pain free, and I am now changing a lifetime of dysfunctional ankles and joint compensations. I am a huge advocate of Deb and her work …she is truly a phenomenal professional with the ability to help in a medically non-invasive way."  ~ Deb. D. 


Are you surprised that my client Deb had chiropractic, physical therapy and multiple surgeries and STILL had re-occuring musculoskeletal pain? 

I'm not.  

It happens all the time and unfortunately, I see it every day.   


My client tried to fix her pain with a symptomatic approach by submitting to multiple sugeries without a change in her pain (and position) until it was one surgery too many.  She decided that perhaps there was something missing in her care and searched for a natural alternative to addressing her pain.  


I didn't magically give her the ability to overcome her postural imbalances, she had it when she came through the door.  She decided that:

  • something had to change because doing the same things over and over wasn't providing the relief it promised
  • a different approach was required to solve the root cause of the problem
  • she was willing to take a risk on an alternative pain-relief therapeutic modality


Posture Alignment Therapy was her first step choice in finding a better solution. 


What my client desperately needed but didn't have was someone to support and empower her. Someone who was able to analyze her position and link musclcular compensations and load joint dysfunctions to her current pain, and then develop a programming sequence to address it all.  Another thing that was missing, was a partener who could coach AND explain it to her.  


In a few short months, we got it done.  Deb completely avoided surgery for a torn knee meniscus, eliminated acute knee pain and chronic shoulder, knee and foot pain.   


As a Corrective Exercise Specialists, these are all concerns I deal with on a daily basis.   The difference is simple.  Instead of addressing your symptom (your pain), corrective exercise is designed to to address AND treat the body as a unit (your posture) as it compares to BLUE PRINT design and function.


Postural therapy works wonders because it helps you bridge the lost connections between symptom and position.   

Are you in chronic musculoskeletal pain?  

Tired of doing the same thing over and over without lasting results?  

Do you know what to do?  

If not, no worries.  I'll teach you or help you find someone local who can!