Intro to Foundation Training Classes at CrossFit 5885

Intro to Foundation Training Classes at CrossFit 5885

I'm pleased to announce that beginning January 10th, 2015, I'll be offering a 6 session Introduction to Foundation Training class at CrossFit 5885 (in Apple Valley, MN).

Foundation Training can help anyone who wants to learn how to move from pain to improved performance in activities of daily living.  This class is open to both the CrossFit and local community.  It is $60 for a 6 sessions, and ALL CrossFit 5885 members can attend for FREE.


What is Foundation Training?

Foundation Training is a profoundly simple exercise protocol that teach you how to integrate the muscles in the body responsible for proper movement. Specifically the muscles important in maintaining proper spinal length, spinal and hip stabilization, and those accessing the primary support systems of the body like the gluteals and hamstrings (aka posterior chain)

It empowers the student to connect and engage to the bio-mechanical principles of muscular support, length, and strength, enabling you to take control over how you feel in your body.  The result?  Pain free movement improvements in athletic performance and activities of daily living. [See:  Highlights from Foundation Training Instructor Certification #14]

I should know.  Not only am I Corrective Exercise Specialist who rehabs people with chronic pain and repetitive injury, but I'm also a CrossFitter.  But don't take it from me.

Breaking Muscle Endorses Foundation Training

I'm certainly not the first to tout the benefits of Foundation Training to the CrossFit community at large.  Traver Boehm, Co Founder of CrossFit Pacific Coast and contributing author at Breaking Muscle wrote and excellent piece about his own personal experience as both a CrossFit athlete and box owner on the benefits of adding Foundation Training into their programming.  

In his article,  Foundation Training: Relieve Pain and Improve Performance, Boehm says that Foundation Training teaches 

"people how to change the movement patterns that are breaking them down – the patterns setting them up for injury in CrossFit.

As a coach, I have found the positions and movements of Foundation to be invaluable training tools. Telling an athlete to engage their lumbar is one thing. Putting them into a physical position where they are forced to engage their lumbar and therefore have the tangible experience of it being engaged is exponentially more powerful. Repeatedly putting people into that position until they are not only engaging their lumbar consistently, but additionally building the necessarily strength in the corresponding muscles is the best way to keep them out of the chiropractor’s office."

And he's not the first.  Foundation Training is taking the medical rehab and elite athletic community by storm.  



I'm extremely pleased to offer what I believe is be the first Foundation Training class at a Minnesota CrossFit affiliate location!  This class is open to the both the CrossFit and local community.  It is FREE to CrossFit 5885 members, and $60 for nonmembers.  

No experience required to attend, however you must register.  

To secure your spot in this session please visit

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