You Need to Know That Chronic Pain Relief Without Medication Is Possible

You Need to Know That Chronic Pain Relief Without Medication Is Possible


I read a profound quote while browsing my social media accounts this morning.   It was printed on the back of a t-shirt, and caught my immediate attention.  This quote basically describes the chronic pain cycle people find themselves trapped in when trying to deal with pain symptoms without dealing with the root cause of the problem.  


Maybe you've seen it?

“I take Aspirin for the headache caused by the Zyrtec I take for the hayfever I got from the Relenza for the upset stomach and flu like symptoms caused by the Viagra for the erectile dysfunction from the Propecia for the hair loss caused by the Ritalin for my short attention span caused by the Scopederm TTs for the motion sickness I got from the Lomotil for the diarrhea caused by the Xenikal for the weight gain caused by the Paxil for the anxiety that I got from the Zocor that I'm taking for my high cholesterol because a good diet, and exercise is just too much trouble.”

Randy Chestnut

If you like it, be sure to check out the original image and t-shirt quote on Chestnut's website where you can get the link to pick up this cool T.

The sentiment of the quote resonated deeply with me.  As a Corrective Exercise Specialist, my role is to help my clients overcome chronic muscle and joint pain naturally, ideally without the use medication is possible.   If I could, I would change the last sentence to something that empowers the ability to change and reverse the cycle.  If I could, it would say: 

because regular exercise, a good diet, and activities that balance and restore the body require too much personal responsibility!

I both love and hate this quote.  Humor and sarcasm aside, sadly, this an all too common scenario of the vicious cycle of pain management people are trapped in.  There is a way out, but it does require a desire and willingness to change and take back control.

I truly believe that lifestyle has a direct effect on your health.  When you are empowered, willing to accept truth AND take action, it is only then that the body can truly heal.  

We are more than just a body.  Good health in my opinion is the cumulative effect of balance when in mind, body AND spirit.  When we work proactively to achieve that balance then healing happens naturally, from within, without the help of prescription medication.  

When it comes to chronic muscle and joint pain, corrective exercise is a highly successful and natural alternative to the traditional western approach of using medication to try and mask the symptoms.   Pain is a signal that the body is out of balance.  Aside from acute trauma or genetic problems, most muscle and joint pain is the result of imbalances within the body (posture, nutrition, stress, think bio-psycho-social).  Taking medications to mask those symptoms without taking responsibility to change the need for the medication is the perfect catalyst to get into a situation as described above.  Every day I have the opportunity to help people overcome chronic musculoskeletal pain WITHOUT the use of mediation, manipulation or surgery, BUT..... it requires one major ingredient.


Personal Responsibility.  I've learned that success with anything you want to accomplish only comes about by recognizing the absolute need and requirement to take responsibility for the goal.  And when that happens, it's miraculous, because a normal person, creates a new normal because of incremental changes in mind, body and spirit.  


Your health is your wealth!  In order to have a great quality of life, your health in mind, body and spirit must be at optimal capacity!  The human body was designed to be active and to move free of limitations.  

It's been my personal and professional experience that the solution to your health problems does not start from taking pills out of a bottle. I agree wholeheartedly with Pete.  

The real solution to your pain and health problems starts with YOU!  

If you started down the prescription medication path due to chronic musculoskeletal pain, then Postural therapy is the perfect place to start repairing the whole system.

It's pennies on the dollar when you tally up the actual cost of co-pays, doctor visits, pharmacy bills, lost time at work due to side-effects, PT/chiropractic visits, or just lost time doing the things you want to do but can't because you're feeling crummy.  

When you are empowered to help yourself make the changes required to allow your body to naturally heal,  YOU are in control of your healthcare.  

You get to choose to help your body heal.  The solution to illness can't be found by symptomatically addressing the problem.  The real solution starts by addressing the ROOT CAUSE.  

If it's physical pain, we'll look for the reason (your posture) why you are in pain (your symptom).  As we help you regain control, your pain will be reduced.  You be better able to tackle changes needed to restore a healthy, balanced lifestyle.  Medications are reduced/eliminated and before you know it your back to a pain free life and living.

Is it that simple?

In my opinion yes.  When you physically feel better, you're more likely to make better choices.  And like any goal worth striving for, it starts with taking one positive step at a time.

Do you have questions?  Not sure where to start or what to do to make a positive change?  No worries, that's what we're here for.  Healing begins with understanding that your body position and how it functions may not be optimal.  That's where a postural assessment makes a huge difference!  Please reach out and let us know how we can help.  We want to hear from you.


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Author:  Deb Preachuk is a Certified Foundation Training & STOTT Pilates Instructor, Corrective Exercise & Posture Alignment Specialist, and the founder/owner of Pain Free Posture MN.   

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