Chronic Pain Relief. How to Go From Impossible to Possible

Chronic Pain Relief. How to Go From Impossible to Possible

I love that corrective exercise modalities can help people get out of chronic muscle and joint pain.  But many people have never been given the opportunity to try a WHOLE body approach to a pain problem.


Corrective exercise works.  On one it is profoundly simple, and yet at the same time asks for a personal responsibility and committed action on the part of the person doing it, you might easily dismiss it without investigating any further.


I can't tell you the number of times I've worked with a client to help them overcome chronic pain, and they want to shout it from the mountain tops and tell everyone else they know about it.  Why don't their friends, family and loved ones get on board too?


It's great that people hear about YOUR success, and thousands around the world have experienced personal success.   The reality is, if you are in pain, hearing about it doesn't do anything for you.  Corrective exercise programming DEMANDS active participation and change in everything you do.

Impossible to Possible

If you are suffering with chronic muscle and joint pain and have been going around and around in circles with massage, manipulation, rest, ice, physical therapy, only to have the pain show up again weeks/months later, or worse, something else injured, you are an ideal candidate for corrective exercise.


"The body is a unit and must be treated as such." 

~ Pete Egoscue

Corrective exercise works if you are ready to take a RISK and try something that challenges everything you know about how the body works and heals.


“Most active [back] pain is the result of ongoing muscular action (and/or inaction). 

Put a stop to that dysfunctional non design muscular activity, and the pain will subside. I have seen it happen literally thousands of times.”

~ Pete Egoscue (Pain Free)


When it comes to achieving a true and lasting change in one's life, be it to overcome chronic pain, losing weight or accomplishing a life long dream/goal, making it actually happen comes down to personal choice and responsibility.


As a Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist, I know that chronic muscleand joint pain can be successfully eliminated. I get to watch miracles happen everyday to those who have literally no hope and nothing left to lose.


Here's the BUT again.... it only works if the person takes personal responsibility to choose to CHANGE. Change your thoughts, change your actions and change your habits.


Success with corrective exercise comes down to a personal decision to change.

A decision to:

  1. Acknowledge that pain is just a signal - it is your body's voice that must be heard and listened to 
  2. Decide that age is NOT a determining factor in your health
  3. Stop symptom chasing (pain, limiting motion, resting, manipulating and medicating, feeling better, going back to life all to have it happen all over again).
  4. Look past the symptom (the pain) and addresses the root cause (the position) of the problem and tackle it from there.
  5. Assume personal responsibility to address thoughts, actions and ultimately habits surrounding one's belief about the ability to heal and get well. 
  6. Agree that you know more about your health that anyone in the whole world.  It's time to trust your inner wisdom again!


That requires overcoming obstacles such as fear and procrastination, turning our thoughts around from "I CAN'T" to "WHAT IF and WHY NOT".  Motivational speaker Alissa Finerman sums it up perfectly.


"When we see the world through the lens of what if and why not, 

impossible becomes possible."

~ Alissa Finerman


The homepage of Finerman's website offers the Top 10 Ways To Make A Difference In Your Life. I think it's worth sharing, meditating and making proactive steps to act on.

  1. Set an inspiring goal
  2. Believe in the power of small steps
  3. Fuel change with a positive mindset
  4. Make YOU a priority
  5. Be proactive in your choices
  6. Focus on winning strategies
  7. Step outside your comfort zone
  8. Take actions that have a positive impact and energize you
  9. Build a strong support system
  10. Live authentically!


Man, it all sure resonates with change and personal responsibility required to go from Impossible to Possible!


Are you in pain? Tired of hurting? Looking for an alternative. What are you waiting for? Make YOU a priority and follow the 10 Tips. Remember, Pain is a Signal.  Are you listening?