• 6 Exercises to Mobilize and Correct Foot and Ankle Pain

      This week the Mobility and Corrective Exercise class at CrossFit 5885 (Saturday October 3rd, 2015 10:00 am - 11:00 am) we'll focus on addressing dysfunctions, fascial restrictions and alignment issues in the tissues surrounding the Foot and Ankle.   The foot and ankle complex is an often overlooked and under addressed area in posture, injury prevention and improving athletic performance.  When the foot or ankle joint is out of position, it's function is compr...

  • Learn 5 Exercises to Mobilize and Correct S-I Joint Alignment

      Tired of chronic tightness or a constant pain in the butt?  Everyone is welcome to join the Mobility and Corrective Exercise class at CrossFit 5885 on Saturday September 26th, 2015 where we'll focus on addressing dysfunctions and alignment issues in the musculature surrounding the S-I (sacro-iliac) Joint. If you have lower back, hip, buttock and/or sciatic pain issues this mobility and corrective exercise session IS FOR YOU!

  • Cleaning up Rounded Shoulders & The Dreaded Forward Head

    As promised, I'm posting what the focus of the Mobility and Corrective Exercise class at CrossFit 5885 will be on this weekend and what equipment to bring. The Mobility and Corrective Exercise for Saturday September 19th, 2015 will focus on addressing mobility restrictions that result from a constant forward head position, rounded upper back with resulting internally rotated shoulders (texting head heavy computer use posture). If you have tight and/or painful pectoral, deltoi...

  • Learn How to Mobilize and Correct Issues Around Tight Elbows

        The Mobility and Corrective Exercise class at CrossFit 5885 begins this Saturday (September 12th, 2015) at 10:15 am (please arrive 10 minutes early so we can get started on time).   Class is open to both CrossFit 5885 members and the public.  If you'd like to attend, simply purchase a 10 class punch pass.

  • Improve Your Strength, Stamina & Mobility with Yoga for Athletes

      All right athletes!  You KNOW you need to add yoga into your regular routine.  Your coach tells you to do it, your body is aching for it, and for some reason you still aren't doing it.

  • 10 Awesome Posture Correcting Exercises for Your Labor Day

    Happy Labor Day!     I hope you are all able to rest up and enjoy everything this wonderful paid day off has to offer.  I'm making some healthy Paleo sweet potato mash this morning, then heading off to a noon hour workout and hanging out with my friends at  CrossFit 5885 to enjoy some great food and fellowship.

  • 5 Exciting New Classes You Don't Want To Miss Out On

    Can you believe that September is here?  It's been a whirlwind of a summer for me, and I'm so ready to get back to the studio and regular teaching schedule!   I love September.

  • Improve Shoulder Function with Snow Angels

    If there's one thing I've learned to love in working with athletes of all ages and abilities is to teach "joint-friendly" exercises that help alleviate pain from muscle imbalance and poor joint kinematics.  I'd like to share a wonderful corrective exercise that helps reduce shoulder pain/restrictions and improve the ability of the scapula (shoulder blades to glide properly) with good arm mechanics.  It's called the Snow Angel A corrective exercise is important for anyone (athletes and ...

  • Alleviate Neck Pain and Improve Rotation with this Simple Stretch

      Neck pain can be truly debilitating and impacts your ability to fully enjoy the activities you love to do.  Yesterday a good friend of mine had to limit herself from doing an exercise movement at our workout due to re-occurring neck pain around her upper trapezius muscle.  It was difficult for her to turn her head equally side-to-side, and trying to take any kind of weight overhead created intense muscle spasm.

  • FREE Foundation Training Community Classes - Lakeville, Minnesota

    Pain Free Posture MN is pleased to announce that we are offering three FREE Foundation Training Classes on the beach of beautiful Lake Marion at Antlers Park this summer in conjunction with The City of Lakeville, Minnesota. Dates are: June 25th, 2015 July 30th, 2015 August 27th, 2015   All classes begin at 6:30pm.  Meet at Shelter B.

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