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  • What I Do. Hybrid Fitness

    I've been mulling over this particular blog post for quite some time.  I am regularly asked what I do for a living or to describe what I do here at Pain Free Posture MN on a daily basis. It's really hard to come up with a job title.

  • Partner WOD to Benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

    Do you CrossFit? Are you interested in trying CrossFit out but you're not sure you want to "drink the cool-aid"? If you said YES, then I'd like to invite my Pain Free Posture MN family to the Partner WOD (workout of the day) at CrossFit Templar on Sunday, April 13th @ 12:00 pm to Benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

  • Good Sitting Posture Helps Reduce Chronic Pain

    Did you know that one of the first things we teach our clients here at Pain Free Posture MN is how to Sit and Stand with Proper Postural Alignment? Why do we do this? First, the majority of our clients come in with chronic muscle and joint pain due to the cumulative effects of prolonged static postures.

  • My New Favorite Things

    Every once in awhile I get a chance to get caught up on some of the blogs and newsletters I subscribe to.  One of them is the American Council on Exercise (ACE) blog which is chock full of excellent fitness articles, scientific studies, recipes and training tips. In the blog post These Are A Few of the Pro's Favorite Things, ACE wrote: Do you have a favorite piece of equipment, outfit, app, or snack that you feel you just have to have before, during or after your workout?

  • Your Posture Matters on a Cross Trainer!

    I got an awesome note from a new client the other day.   This came as follow-up after our first session together where we did a full postural assessment and implemented a customized mobilization, stretch and corrective exercise sequence for her to start making corrections to dysfunctional/imbalanced movement patterns that were contributing to pain and overall inability. She wrote "I can't slouch when using the cross trainer any more......

  • The Magic and The Learning Is In The Details

    A couple of weeks ago, I received a profound email from Gabrielle Scanlon on the topic of Mindfulness.  The subject line read:  Boring is as boring does... in yoga too!

  • Evaluating Mistakes Creates Confidence

    Awhile back I wrote a blog about Mistakes I've Made in my work career training while people out of my in-home studio.   I realize that these mistakes are gifts if you actually evaluate and make changes based on recognizing the problems. In the midst of dealing with my professional mistakes and healing from quitting a job I LOVED but could not stay at any longer, here’s what I’ve learned that didn't work.

  • When The Joint is Bone on Bone, Can You Still Help Me?

    If you have severe muscle and joint imbalances, it is simply a matter of time until the joint suffers irreparable damage from the joint dysfunction and compensating motor patterns throughout the body.  If you continue to stress the affected joint by leaving these imbalances unattended to, you will most likely find yourself in a bone on bone situation at some future point.   Recently I received an email from a potential new client who wanted to know the following: "Will the online ...

  • Monday Motivation. Statistics Lie.

    When I first started blogging on Wordpress back in 2010, I I began every Monday with a motivational quote.  Here at Achieving a Pain Free Life and Living we are all about positive growth and change in every aspect of the WHOLE you.  Mind, body and spirit!

  • There is No Magic Pill

    New Years Resolutions are a curious thing.  Did you make one for yourself?  Did you stop and calculate the cost required to make that change?

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