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About Deb Preachuk

Deb Preachuk is the founder/owner of Pain Free Posture MN.  She is a CF-L1 Trainer, Certified Foundation Training Instructor, TBMM Corrective Exercise & Posture Specialist with 25+ years experience in the health and wellness field.  

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    Learn How to Combat IT Band Pain Problems with a Proactive Mobility Plan

    Achy painful knees?  Chronically tight low back?  One of the most constant laments I'm asked to help CrossFitters, distance/track runners and athletes involved in sports with repetitive bending of the knee is tight and restricted IT (Iliotibial) Band.   Read More...

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    The Pain Relieving Power of 90-90 Positioning

    As a Corrective Exercise and Posture Alignment Specialist, I often use the 90-90 Position (aka Static Back) as a first step in helping clients mitigate low back and other pain symptoms.  While not structurally strengthening to the body, this exercise can be a potent pain reliever.  This simple, yet profound corrective exercise enables the torso to re-discover a neutral position by allowing muscles to relax with the back and legs supported.   Read More...

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    Banish Chronic Muscle and Joint Pain in Posture Fitness Class

    Posture alignment fitness classes help banish chronic muscle and joint pain by teaching you specific stretches and functional exercises to help you restore the body’s ideal anatomical position and function. The simple, yet profound corrective exercises are designed to re-align the eight major load-bearing joints of the body (ankles, knees, hips, shoulders) so that the pelvis and spine can restore optimum position and function.  The result?  You improve your posture and function in...  Read More...

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    Introducing a Cool Format Change to Mobility and Corrective Exercise

    Happy New Year!I'm pleased to announce that there will be some programming changes to the Mobility and Corrective Exercise Class on Saturday mornings.We will be doing a "focused training" for the month so that you can Do a daily practice on your own Get a review with the pro in following weeks so you can adjust, or progress your exercises Have a clear and measurable way to assess your outcome (which could be reduced pain, improved range of motion, better performance,...  Read More...

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    Yoga for CrossFit WOD Recovery - January 2017 Flow

    Welcome to January 2017!  Some new changes to share with you all in the Yoga for Athletes Class.  This year I'm instituting a consistent routine for the entire month, and will repeat these movements each week so you can:Have a way to assess your mobility improvement(s) and Measure the improvement/impact on functional strength in workoutsThe list of benefits of yoga for CrossFit and ALL athletes is numerous, and irrespective of your sport/activity of choice, all athletes can im...  Read More...

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