Benefits of Doing Your Corrective Exercise First Thing In The Morning

Benefits of Doing Your Corrective Exercise First Thing In The Morning

Much like "you had me at hello" [Jerry Maguire], I got a little inspiration from the Bottom Line's Daily Burst of Energy Blog called First Things First.

What did you do this morning? Got the kids ready for school? Commuted to work? Maybe just got dressed? You can do even more, says Laura Vanderkam, author of the e-book What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast (Portfolio). Some people, she writes, use their mornings to do what’s most important to them—exercising (taking care of their health), playing with their kids (bonding with family) or doing their own “work” (such as drawing or jewelry making). Inspired? You should be. You can even wake up an hour or 30 minutes earlier each day to make the most of your morning. Just think—your energy is best early in the day. Why not use it for your own benefit?  

To be successful in your personal life use your morning to do what's most important to you.  Your energy is best early in the day. By setting aside time in the morning to focus on your personal goals, you're placing in motion an amazing day because you've achieved attended to your own needs.

Personally, I use my mornings to focus on myself!  The early morning is when I do my own personal workouts.  Once that task is accomplished, I will use the rest to work on my business.  I write blogs, answer emails, and update my Facebook business status with the remainder.  It's a system that I put into place and worked at until it became a positive habit.

And this is EXACTLY what I work on and coach my clients to do for themselves as well.  You see, my average clients come to work with me to eliminate chronic pain with corrective exercise.  Their bodies in general have gotten out of muscle and joint balance due to poor postural habits and motor patterns that have been present for a very long period of time.  In order to heal naturally, without medication, manipulation or surgery, new old habits must be replaced and new ones created.  

It's doable and possible, but a total commitment to CHANGE is required.

To ensure that our clients maximize their success at relieving chronic pain or accomplish other health and wellness goals we encourage them to do their corrective exercise menu daily and first thing in the morning.  WHY?  Daniel Coyle, author of The Talent Code says "Give a New Skill a Minimum of Eight Weeks".  And I absolutely have to agree.

“The solution is to ignore the bad habit and put your energy toward building a new habit that will override the old one.”

― Daniel Coyle, The Little Book of Talent: 52 Tips for Improving Your Skills

Two Ways To Maximize Your Success with Corrective Exercise

Perhaps the two most common Egoscue Method and corrective exercise questions I get are:

  1. "Do I have to do my corrective exercise/posture alignment therapy menu every day?" closely followed up with

  2. "When should I do my menu (what time of day)?" 

The answers are simply:

  1. YES and ideally


When you're in the pain relief phase of menu planning, you should do your menu daily and first thing in the morning for optimal results.  But honestly, why not get into the personal habit of bring the best mind - body - and spirit into your day.  As you eliminate pain and restore your posture why not continue on to enhancing your athletic performance?

When you get into the habit of a daily corrective exercise or postural therapy menu you'll be taking your best posture and function into your day!  Sean Taker of Egoscue Palm Beach Gardens, FL summed it up beautifully.

"Your menu is first and foremost.  The key to musculo-skeletal health is maintaining fluid movement and alignment of all the joints of the body. A specifically designed routine to re-balance and straighten your body will enable you to avoid the aches and pains of aging, prevent ‘wear and tear’ of disks and joints and enjoy all your recreational activities with minimal risk of injury." 

A well designed corrective exercise or postural therapy menu is designed to help your body return back to it's original "blue-print" design.  To get the maximum benefit from your menu, why not generate the most successful outcome possible?  Do your postural therapy first thing in the morning before you set out on your day!

Remember - You're body didn't break down overnight.  

Muscle and joint pain came because your body began to break down due to compensations and dysfunctional movement patterns.  It may have been exacerbated by an accident or injury, but I guarantee you (aside from traumatic accident or genetic birth defect), it slowly wore down over the course of your lifetime.  

Your posture is similar to the alignment of your car.  

It has an ideal position and must also be balanced to run smoothly to last your entire lifetime!  When your posture becomes imbalanced due to alignment problems, you may experience a wide continuum of problems from:

  • restrictions in mobility 
  • limited range of motion
  • muscle pain
  • joint, ligament and tendon strain
  • decreased organ function

If you were a car, your tires didn't wear unevenly on the first drive.  It took many miles for this to happen.

Your corrective exercise menu should be a top priority if you want to truly achieve success.  Much like the alignment of a car, if your alignment is off, you'll get uneven wear and tear on your tires.  If your tires are not balanced, how is your ride?  The ride is bumpy, your tires wear out, and the shocks, sruts and bearing take a beating.  

Benefits of Doing Your Corrective Exercise Each Morning 

If you have found yourself in the chronic pain cycle due to postural imbalances and are now working to make a positive change to eliminate it naturally without medication, manipulation or surgery, it makes sense that you'd want to maximize your own success.

Make the best use of your your mornings.  Once you decide to change, implementing positive daily habits like postural therapy can help you accomplish great things. It's been my experience that not only will you be successful at eliminating chronic pain, but this habit translates into other areas of your life.  Because when you make over your mornings, you can make over your life.

That's what the most successful people know.