Am I Too OLD To Overcome Chronic Pain?

Am I Too OLD To Overcome Chronic Pain?

I'd like to share a testimonial of a 40 year search for chronic pain relief.  Yes, you read that right.  FOURTY YEAR search!

Barbara Baker suffered her entire adult life with chronic pain and brokenness.  Through the power of postural therapy, Barbara's life changed so dramatically that she is now a Posture Alignment Specialist Certified by the Egoscue University, serving the community of McKinney, Texas.  

If you think that you are too old, or that it's too late for you to overcome chronic pain, it's my prayer that by sharing her powerful testimonial you will hope that IT'S NEVER TOO LATE!  

I'll let Barbara take it from here.

When I tried out for yell leader during my junior year of high school, I heard a lower back crack that defied any explanation. I cannot be certain this movement caused a lumbar disk to slide forward, but it must have at least contributed to a condition called Spondylolisthesis that was diagnosed at age twenty-three. My L-5 disk had moved forward and to the right so that my lower back could not properly hold the weight of my spine.

I spent the next thirty years in a defensive posture against getting a dreaded spinal fusion. Among other practices I'm probably forgetting, I availed myself of chiropractic care, deep tissue massages, Rolfing, Heller Work, flat shoes, a firm belly (sort of!) sensible exercising, cortisone shots, many rounds of physical therapy, reflexology, acupressure, acupuncture, bee venom and Prolotherapy, (shots to strengthen ligaments).

No matter the minor successes, I faced an increasing battery of misery. During those years, I blew out two knees from snow skiing, had my teeth rebuilt due to painful TMJ, wore a night brace to prevent new damage, had a tendon become cartilage in my thumb joint, suffered minor arthritis in my fingers, and suffered increasing and constant lower head, neck and scapular pain. I felt my mid-back cave forward and thus experienced rolls of belly fat formerly unknown to me.

By age fifty-five, I would limp after a mere quarter of a mile walk. My lower back felt like cement, and I dreaded that I might face a wheelchair until questionable, expensive surgery. I watched my normally positive outlook fade into fear and sadness.

Four years later, I knew that chiropractors had done the maximum that they could do and finally gave into facing surgery with X-rays that totaled $9000. A world-class doctor announced that I had the previously known Spondylolisthesis, but that, shockingly, the faulty disk had fused naturally with the one above it. That upper disk had herniated and the one above it had ruptured. I learned that I could spend $40,000 to have an innovative band-aid surgery -- one that would probably have to be redone someday. All I was left with was my shock that I had created my own spinal fusion, a large medical bill that promised no long-term cure, an outpatient surgery to clean out my discs, and pain pills that caused nausea.

Moving from California to Texas, I had to find new doctors and figure out my next course. A procedure called Decompression was next up, costing $3200. Over three months, I went to the chiropractor for a subtle traction machine hookup, only to be told after each session that I was now "fired up." The problem was it was the nerves that continued to be fired up, and the money spent a total waste.

Having suffered chronic pain for nearly forty years, I had tried almost every traditional and alternative treatment imaginable to heal spinal and nerve pain. Then a dear friend sent a book called Pain Free by Pete Egoscue.

He advocated for an honest cure through postural correction of one's misaligned joints and imbalanced muscles. The Internet allowed me to find my closest Egoscue Clinic, a four-hour drive from home. Because my husband, John, also suffered his own version of pain, we took a leap of faith and drove the eight-hour round-trip from Dallas to Austin to explore this option.

Even after our fist session with the Mathes team, we experienced greater freedom of movement. I learned that my biggest problem was due to my right femoral nerve causing the limp, and that my right hip, knee and ankle were in distorted alignment. Muscle repositioning could apparently create correct muscle memories, and I could, with dedication to exercises, return to a pain free life! We had each been given an individualized plan for precise movements, called an e-cise menu, and did the movements nearly every day. We were so encouraged by our ability to stand and walk for longer periods of time that we made seven more trips to upgrade our menus for more progress.

A year later, after an hour-long mountain hike and no limp, I was so inspired by the Egoscue Method providing me an honest cure, not being just one more wasted treatment that I decided to become an Egoscue University Certified Postural Alignment Specialist. I am honored to be a vehicle to lead others out of their pain as I was led out of mine. I invite you to experience the genius in Pete Egoscue that can transform your life as it has mine.