Addressing FEAR to Overcome Chronic Muscle and Joint Pain

Addressing FEAR to Overcome Chronic Muscle and Joint Pain

If you've been stuck in the chronic pain cycle without real success, then taking a RISK on the profound simplicity of a corrective exercise program can bring a bring a ton of unwelcome emotions to the surface.  

The idea that your body can heal if given just half a chance is pure crazy talk after you've seen every medical specialist in town and taken all sorts of "pain relieving" drugs with little to no success.

It's certainly understandable how that can happen when things get to the point where you no longer know how to trust yourself or what you believe about your body's ability to heal and become pain-free once again.

In my experience, the biggest emotion that comes to the surface, and the one I see and help my clients with the most to overcome is FEAR.  

Fear is a paralyzing emotion.  Personally,  I believe FEAR stifles your intuition and internal body wisdom.  It's a liar and a thief.  Have you ever seen the word broken down into an acronym?





A lot of times, fear is simply false evidence appearing real.  Fear is a funny emotion.  You can't wish or hope it away.  Fear must be confronted head on if you want to overcome something.

Fear presents itself in many forms when starting anything new.  It could be a fear of:

  • pain
  • injury
  • movement
  • trying one more therapy only to be disappointed yet again
  • inability 
  • performing poorly
  • being alone with our own thoughts/emotion


Where does it come from?  In my experience, it usually stems from a previous experience, such as:

  • injury
  • former attempt where we failed, were made fun of or had pain
  • our thoughts and beliefs about ability/disability (such as age, gender) 
  • expectations other people established for us


Fear is intrinsically linked to the way we talk and behave - and that comes directly from our thoughts.  Unresolved, it paralyzes us.  No action, stuck in a rut of our own making.

Corrective exercise programs that resolves chronic musculoskeletal pain WITHOUT the use of medication, manipulation or surgery are highly successful. 


BUT... it's not a magic pill, potion or powder.  It's not a quick fix, it's a process. It requires YOU, the person who needs help to take the driver's seat, which means you'll make mistakes and stumble here and there along the healing path.  Why?  Because after all, YOU are more than just a body.  

Here at Pain Free Posture MN we treat the body as a unit, but recognize that you, the client are made up of mind, body and spirit.  You have to choose to get in, start the ignition and drive the car.


We'll help coach you through the process of TOTAL CHANGE and work to address your posture, chronic pain and fear.


If your fear is associated with doing something new, unfamiliar AND has the possibilty of failure or poor performance attached to it, then I encourage you to go for it and do it badly!  Yep, I said it.  


Do it Badly

You can't fail if you don't try.  And if you don't try, well, you can't possibly change or grow.   

There's a ton of encouragement out there on the subject.  I've enjoyed Darrell Fusaro's BLOG on the topic, and another is great one is called Effortless Effervescence.  Here the author sums up the "do it badly" concept perfectly:


"So this is pretty much my mantra right now. I never thought of myself as a perfectionist until recently, when I realized that the reason I didn’t do certain things was because I didn’t think I’d be able to do them perfectly. Why didn’t I try to play sports in school? Because I was sure I’d be laughed at because I was so uncoordinated. Why don’t I write more? Because I’m afraid the words won’t come out right. Why do I spend more time worrying over how awful a piece of artwork will be than actually creating it? Why do I ignore the dirty bathtub? Because I don’t have hours to scrub the whole room within an inch of its life. Why don’t I just sit down more often and enjoy playing with my son or watching a movie with my husband? Because I feel like I have to be doing SOMETHING productive every waking moment. (And even sleeping seems like a waste of time…)

Amazingly, when I give myself permission to do something poorly as long as I DO IT, I end up doing better and enjoying the process more."



I love that!  Give myself permission to do something poorly as long as I DO IT!  Do it badly, is reminiscent of of Pete Egoscue who said "anything worth doing is worth doing poorly".   

And there's many other famous versions of "do it poorly" out there like Henry Ford's "Whether you think you can, or think you can't.  You're right." and Steve Brown's "anything worth doing is worth doing poorly until you learn to do it well"

Are you catching it?  

What are you afraid of?  

What's paralyzing you?  


I've never met anyone who did any new exercise perfectly the first time (and that includes ME). They won't do it perfectly the second or third.  The important part isn't the perfection, it's the ACTION.


Falling is Still Moving Forward

I can guarantee you, falling means we are overcoming FEAR and growing along the way. That's where the victory lies.


It's a fundamental belief I've personally adopted.  Now in my 40's I'm challenging myself to try and do things I thought I could never do.  I'm personally living life "out loud" and it's translated into my everyday - teaching Zumba, doing CrossFit, and heck, just signed up for my first ever Warrior Dash.  


So, let me ask you:


What are you afraid of?


What have you got to lose?

What have you got to gain?

If you're in chronic pain, and ready to take a risk and try something so simple it's profound, give us a call.  As I like to say "we're in this together and I am here to help".  We want to hear from you.