About Pain Free Posture MN

Balance The Body.  Relieve The Pain.

At Pain Free Posture MN we believe that the human body is a beautifully complex and interdependent system.  We also believe that YOU are a unique one-of-a-kind individual,  so when training a "one-size fits all" singular modality, method or approach to helping you accomplish your goals simply doesn't work for everyone.  [See I'm a Fixer]


After all, YOU are MORE than just a body!


Founder/Owner - Deb Preachuk has 30 years experience in the exercise, health, wellness and fitness field.  

No matter what your gender,age, ability, history of previous injury, therapy, or surgery, when you come to train at Pain Free Posture MN, you can be sure you're in good hands.  

Deb is committed to help you find the RIGHT corrective solution that fits your learning and lifestyle so you can accomplish your goals! 

We offer a variety of complimentary therapeutic corrective exercise modalities to help you eliminate chronic muscle and joint pain, improve posture and maximize you activities of daily living/athletic performance.

Our CORE VALUES guide us to care for clients as if they were family.  

Deb will meet you where you are at right now, and help create a path for you get where you want to be.  We believe that you know more about your body than anyone else!  It's our responsibility to tune-in, connect and work with you to develop a SMART plan of action to eliminate your chronic muscle and join pain and help prevent it from happening in the future.

When you partner with an experienced Corrective Exercise Specialist like Deb Preachuk you can be assured that in addition to EMPOWERING you, Deb will be your COACH and GUIDE.  Deb will actively partner with you, and help guide you toward improving and enhancing your quality of life through the practical application of your corrective exercise/training program.  You can be assured that the following steps and services will occur.

  • Analyze your posture relative to it's anatomical design and function
  • Identify compensations and dysfunctions at the four major load joints
  • Evaluate your gait
  • Create a series of progressive corrective exercise sequences designed to help your body restore its proper anatomical position, function and motion
  • Teach you the exercises - how to do them, what to feel and what to expect
  • Help YOU Become Action-oriented
  • Practice non judgement and forgiveness.  (It doesn’t matter how you got here, or who/what is to blame for the current situation.  It is what it is and we will move from where you are currently)
  • Address what's holding you back from achieving your goals (reasoning, response, routine)
  • Develop SMART goals to create an achievable step-by-step solution



Deb was given the gift of learning to instruct Pilates back in 1998. In 1999, she became a Certified STOTT Pilates instructor in both the Matwork and Reformer and went on to study the method extensively focusing on injuries and rehabilitation for special populations.  The years of working with clients in chronic pain combined with her educational background taught her the science and art of identifying and assessing structural imbalances.

Holding a BRS (1991) and BPE (1995)  from the University of Manitoba, Deb continues to study and teach the sciences of movement analysis and corrective exercise techniques. She certified with The Egoscue University in 2007 as Posture Alignment Specialist, taught for The Egoscue University from 2013-2013, and in 2013 earned her National Posture Institute Certified Posture Specialist and The BioMechanics Method Corrective Exercise Specialist certifications.

Deb opened Pain Free Posture MN as a way to educate and assist clients improve posture, develop core strength, enhance athletic performance and activities of daily living, and most importantly eliminate and help others from developing chronic pain in their own lives. She currently works with a wide range of clients of all ages and abilities.  Deb is experienced working with clients who are pre-surgical to strengthen and correct movement patterns before reconstruction, post-rehabilitative to fill in the gap after physical therapy, athletes who want to reduce repetitive stress/chronic pain or address, correct and improve movement patterns to individuals who need coaching in nutrition, body composition changes or how to improve overall fitness.  

Additionally, Deb is a regular blog contributor for Puori  , and regularly mentors other instructors.

Outside of work, Deb is enjoys spending time with her husband Bill and their three very active kids, coaching and participating in CrossFit, traveling, and mountain biking.

Deb's mission is to help real people address and transform challenges they are facing to overcome and eliminate chronic muscle and joint pain.  She infuses her teaching style with an honest, down-to-earth mix of Eastern and Western training techniques, and actively works to make the concepts of pain relief and body/mind transformation both accessible AND achievable!

Deb herself suffered from severe food and environmental allergies which made her constantly ill, swollen, weak and irritable throughout her childhood and teen years.  There was a traumatic car accident at the age of 11, and another major illness requiring ICU hospitalization the following year.

At this time she threw herself into competitive athletics to try and strengthen her lungs and body and this is where she discovered her love of teaching, movement, and more importantly, how those two things made her feel better in every area of her life.  

As her athletic career developed, injuries came.  A T4/T5 disruption, rhomboid tear, rotator cuff injury, many sever ankle sprains just to name a few.  Deb purposed to use her love of teaching and motion to not only overcome her own pain from repetitive athletic injuries but to pay it forward to others.

Over the past 30 years, Deb has gained a masterful wealth of knowledge in exercise science (biomechanics, kinesiology, exercise physiology, athletic therapy, anatomy, diet and nutrition), CrossFit, Foundation Training, Nutrition Coaching, Posture Alignment, STOTT Pilates, Self-Myofascial Release, Core Strength Vinyasa to conquer her own severe allergies and musculoskeletal pain doctors told her she likely wasn't able to heal from.

Always aspiring to be a positive role model for self-empowerment and balanced living in mind, body and spirit, she also actively works to practices what she preaches.  Deb works to blend of all formats of health and wellness to meet the learning and lifestyle of her students.

Deb truly understands that it’s when we balance the all the parts of our lives — can we truly have a pain free life and living!

When she teaches will challenge you to identify your limitations to healing (posture and function, diet and nutrition, habits and thoughts about healing) and help you identify practical and accessible solutions to dissolve old movement patterns, stories, limitations and external coping mechanisms.

Deb's main intention is to make your goals simple to do, fun, engaging and clear, so you can take charge of your future, by getting back to living life the way you want to.  She works tirelessly to educate students how to incorporate corrective exercise to maintain, and/or restore health and function for their entire well-being is her life pursuit and passion.

Whether it is through Foundation Training, Corrective Exercise, Posture Alignment Therapy or STOTT Pilates, Deb is well versed on a variety of approaches to rehabilitating an injured musculoskeletal system.


Deb Preachuk's professional resume to date consists of 25+ years experience working in the fitness, corporate wellness and athletic training industries.  Her certifications and credentials include:

Former Notable Positions:


In 2010 Deb was the featured student of the month on the Egoscue University® Student Spotlight section, became an Adjunct Instructor of the Egoscue University in March 2010 and held this position until July 2013.  As an Adjunct Instructor Deb taught Pain Free and P3 Workshops, in person three day (PAS) Posture Alignment Specialist 1 and 2 Seminars, and the Red and Green Tomato Patch Fitness Certifications throughout the United States, Canada and Europe.  She also taught numerous Egoscue University Study Groups and lead Egoscue University Insider conference calls.


Deb is also an exercise science education professional.  Deb held a position as an Adjunct Instructor at Dakota County Technical College for 2 years where she taught the American Council on Exercise Group Fitness Instruction course in the Exercise and Sport Science Department.


Deb worked as an Instructor Trainer for The Pink Ribbon Program from 2008-2009 teaching the Post-rehabilitative Breast Cancer Exercise Specialist Certification program. 


Deb has a love and passion for teaching group fitness.  Deb Preachuk is a former 5-Star Group Fitness and Master Instructor at Life Time Fitness (1999-2004) (2007-2014).  She taught numerous workshops and master classes on a wide variety of group fitness and yoga topics during her years with the company.