9 Essential Products to Maximize Your Postural Therapy Menus

9 Essential Products to Maximize Your Postural Therapy Menus

One of the best aspects of restoring your posture, alleviating chronic pain and improving your athletic performance is that you get to do your corrective exercise menu in the comfort of your own home.  

Creating a home environment that supports your adherence to doing your menu on a daily basis is an entirely different story.  It's been my experience as a Posture Alignment Specialist (Egoscue University Certified), that working with the right equipment makes all the difference in the world!

I suggest investing in well-chosen pieces of equipment to help you maintain consistency with your posture alignment therapy menus. When the right equipment is around, the menu flows better, it saves you time and adherence is increased.

1. Large Foam Block

The Large Foam Block is a must to maximize the results of common corrective exercises like static back, supine groin progressive/stretch, and drape.  It allows you to get into that much needed ninety degree position. In my opinion the large foam block is sturdier and stays in place better than an inflatable block, and if you purchase one with a cover is more hygienic!

NOTE:  "mid-size" blocks are available which works well for kids, teens and smaller adult frames.   Check with your Certified PAS to select the right size for your unique needs.

2. Two Small Foam Pillows 

I can't think of a day when I've done a menu without a Foam Pillow.   They are sturdier and more supportive than the inflatable ones and essential for common exercises like knee pillow squeezes.

One of my other favorite uses for the foam block is to aid in alignment when lying on the floor.  It truly helps to get to that correct position of the knees and ankles underneath the hips.  All the companies offering the foam pillow have options for with/without a cover (I like that I can wash my covers!), and both have sizing options.  Again if you are a smaller person, or have some serious postural limitations, the smaller size block will have applications for menus.  Check with your Certified Posture Alignment Specialist to see which is the best choice for your unique menu and postural needs. 

3. Resistance Strap

A belt or resistance band just doesn't cut it!  It either digs into your skin, or is too wobbly!  When your menu calls for abductor presses, the resistance strap works best!  You can pick these up just about anywhere, and in my opinion, an absolute must for corrective exercise menus.  I even use it for supine foot circles and point flexes to aid in keeping my shoulders parallel with each other and horizontal to the hip, knee and ankle. 

4. Alignment Mat 

A mat makes lying on the floor more comfortable and hygienic.  Yoga mats can be purchased anywhere, but the one I recommend and personally use ALL the time is an Alignment Mat.

At 1/4" thick it's more comfortable than a thinner mat, and has a series of strategically placed horizontal, vertical, and diagonal lines to guide postural alignment.  I can't tell you the number of times my clients express frustration not knowing where they are in space while doing exercises.  This mat take a lot of the guess work out and allows you to get the most out of each corrective exercise position period!.  And, once you're out of pain and functioning better you can take it with you to pilates, yoga or group fitness and practice good alignment in all your postures in class.  I LOVE this mat!

5. Count Down Timer

Super handy for your staying on track with your menu.  You can easily use your smart phone, but whatever you use, a count down timer is most helpful to creating efficiency in a menu, especially when doing the supine groin progressive!

6. Multi-Positioning Tower

Does a multi-position tower make a difference?  Yes, it really does.  It allows you to take the hip through it's full range of motion while allowing those powerful hip muscles to restore their correct muscle-length tension relationships on all the muscles that act upon the lumbo-pelvic girdle.  Using a tower truly allows you to know that you are setting up the corrective exercise properly.

There is a single or double pedal option (both have applications which are beneficial).  If you're ready to invest in your health and purchase a tower, in my opinion, go with both.... and work with your Certified PAS to learn all of the ways you can use this truly astonishing piece of equipment.  You back and body will never feel better!

7. Pain Free DVDs or YouTube videos

The best part about postural therapy is that you can eliminate chronic pain, improve your posture and enhance your athletic performance by consistently doing a corrective exercise menu.  Over time, you'll work less with your Certified PAS because your body wisdom improves.  That's where the Pain Free DVD or YouTube Videos are a fantastic resource!  

The Pain Free DVD provides variety and challenge to your menus, and many Posture Alignment Specialists have produced mini-menus and tutorials on YouTube you can do from the comfort of your home computer.  It's fun, offers variety and is a great way to get your family involved in corrective exercise. 

8. Inflatable Foam Rolls

If your menu calls for towels, then the inflatable foam rolls is a great investment!  They are highly effective for assisting in re-establish the natural spinal curves of the spine and improving your posture. The inflatable rolls provide options and can be made to adapt to your posture as it changes. 

9. Slant Board

Nothing creates the stability or proper positioning required for the powerful gravity drop or wall drop exercises like the slant board.  Let me repeat, NOTHING!  This is one piece of equipment that I personally would not go without.  The Slant Board is portable, ergonomic, and can be adjusted as a foot rest for use at your desk or workstation. 

Here at Pain Free Posture MN we use Therapy Zone and Yoga Direct as our primary provider of postural therapy equipment.  However, it's important to us that you know there are other production companies available including Crooked Human and Therapy Zone. 

Please reach out and connect if you have questions or need advice.  We're here to help!