4 Ways to Fix Mistake #1 with Posture Alignment Therapy

4 Ways to Fix Mistake #1 with Posture Alignment Therapy

Today I'll be discussing four helpful ways to correct the biggest mistakes a person can make when doing Posture Alignment Therapy.


If after you've read these posts and recognize that you've fallen prey to any or all of these mistakes, I'm here to tell you, you're not alone.  


That's exactly why I'm writing.  I want you to be well!  You can heal from chronic musculoskeletal pain using this profoundly powerful method.  If you've made some of the errors, then you've not truly given your mind-body-and-spirit the chance it DESERVES to be well.  My intent is to simply share these common errors, so that you can learn and grow from them and truly achieve a Pain Free Life and Living!


Mistake #1 with Postural Therapy

I'd like to share an exerpt of an email I received just the other day from one of our website members.


Hi Deb,

I am reading Pain Free right now.  I have had it for years but only read the knee part.  Now I am reading the rest so I know what is actually happening.  I plan to take the pictures this weekend and send to you.  Thanks for your help.


The first common mistake people make with postural therapy is exactly what you read above.  

1.  You worked out of the "book" (The Egoscue Method of Health Through Motion, Pain Free, etc) without reading the first three chapters that explain the linkage between your posture and pain. 


Here's what I love about that note.  Honesty without judgment.  It's a simple acknowledgment of missing a piece of the puzzle in the healing path, coming to a new awareness and understanding, and making a proactive change!


This is a person who understands the value of what postural therapy can provide, but now understands that the connection between posture and pain had not been fully made.So, if you've made any of these mistakes, here's what you need to do.


4 Ways to Fix Mistake #1 with Posture Alignment Therapy

  1. Start Over.  Get The Egoscue Method of Health Through Motion and start from the beginning.  This book in my opinion is the best explanation of the link between posture and pain and what I believe to be a great foundational building block to understanding The Egoscue Method.
  2. READ the introduction and first chapters.  Take notes and time to check your posture in the mirror and compare it to what is described.  Isolate if you are a Condition 1, 2, or 3 Posture.  For more information on assessing posture, pick up our FREE Posture Assessment Guide.
  3. LEARN more.  Educate yourself and learn more about what postural therapy is and how it works by visiting my website Pain Free Posture MN.  We have a ton of sample exercises, information and resources available.
  4. EVALUATE whether or not you're in need of a trained postural specialist's professional help.  If you feel that you can benefit from instruction, guidance and a customized menu desigend for your unique postural needs, invest in your health and hire a pro!


The best part about mistakes is that we can learn from them.  Thanks goodness that life allows "do-overs".  


If something deep inside you said, I think postural therapy is right for me, but you didn't have the kind of experience you were looking for, I'm here to tell you, "Listen to your inner-self".  Reach out.  Hire a pro.  Get a coach and an educated eye.  


And if you feel that I might be the right trainer and coach for you, it would be my privilege and honor!


My mission is to help anyone who feels that they can benefit from posture alignment therapy.  We're here to listen and help you make SMART proactive healthcare decisions.  It would be my privilege to help coach and guide you towards accomplishing your goals.  To book your session in-studio or online please visit our SERVICES page.  

We're in this together, and I am here to help!