20 Minute Corrective Exercise Program to Recharge Over the Weekend

20 Minute Corrective Exercise Program to Recharge Over the Weekend

Hey Pain Free Posture MN clients & followers!  I haven't blogged in awhile, although I must have 50 in the draft folder!

Yikes!  Anyway, I will be posting more content, but in the meantime I thought it would be fun to put together a quick (20 minute) posture correcting exercise routine for you all to work on.

To begin, I recommend you do 8-10 minutes of self-myofascial release work to prime the body first.  Here are a couple of my favorite ones:

This isn't mandatory by any means, however, both professionally and personally I find that the outcome of a corrective exercise/posture alignment therapy menu is much more beneficial and seems to last longer.

Next, go on to this posture correcting set of exercises

  • Gravity Drop (3 minutes)
  • Wall Drop Wall Presses (2 x - 20 reps)
  • Static Wall (90 seconds)
  • Static Wall Pull Backs (10 x each leg)
  • Static Wall Femur Rotations (3 x - 10 reps)
  • Wall Frog (2 minutes)
  • Sitting Floor (3 minutes)
  • Sitting Floor Elbow Curls (1 x - 20-25 reps)
  • Static Back * add in 5-10 abdominal contractions (5 to 10 minutes)
  • Static Back with Hands Behind Head (2 minutes)
  • Static Back Pull-overs (3 x -10 reps)

To wrap it up, I would finish by loading the body and highly recommend the Foundation Training 8 Point Plank (try 3 sets of 20 second holds).  

Now if you're unfamiliar with these movements, not to worry!  Head on over to the PurePharma blog.  I've been writing posts for them for just over a year now, and my latest article is called 10 Mobility Exercises for Balance and Recovery (including video instruction), or my YouTube Channel where I have a lot of videos and free resources posted.  

Give it a try and let me know how it goes for you!

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Author:  Deb Preachuk is a Certified Foundation Training & STOTT Pilates Instructor, Corrective Exercise & Posture Alignment Specialist, and the founder/owner of Pain Free Posture MN.   

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