15 Ways To Waste Another Year

15 Ways To Waste Another Year

Happy New Year!  How are the resolutions coming along? One of my favorite blog writers is a very cheeky Australian motivational speaker by the name of Craig Harper.


I really love his work and feel that he has fresh and insightful perspectives on change and habits that can be applied to what we do here on a daily basis.


One of the major components of a successful corrective exercise program, or any desired life change habit requires MORE than just sheer determination.  Real success requires more.  In my experience, a total commitment to CHANGE is required.  An NOT just the physical.  


Often I think the physical is the easiest part.  In my opinion, the best success with Egoscue or really anything you choose to focus on in life truly is a total transformation.  A complete  mind-body-spirit change, in which the most success comes from individuals who are willing to change their thoughts, actions AND habits.  


This concept is vital to what we teach here, and something I've written about numerous times.  See:


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Yesterday, Craig Harper posted Fifteen Ways to Waste Another Year on his personal Facebook page.  


It sure stuck a cord with his friends and fans.  Last time I checked there were almost 100 shares.  In this list, he simply offers concrete ways to ensure that any steps you take to create a positive change in your life will be nullified and void if you continue to practice the following actions.  BRILLIANT!


I believe they apply to the total change concept that is inheret to maximizing success with a corrective exercise program, so wanted to share them with you all.  You can be sure there is no way to successfully overcome any negative in your life, be it chronic pain, or over-eating if you continue to practice these 15 behaviors.

15 Ways to Waste Another Year

  1. Keep being the people pleaser.
  2. Keep waiting for the ‘right time’.
  3. Keep trying to fit in. 
  4. Keep looking for the short cut.
  5. Keep spending money you don’t have on things you don’t need. 
  6. Keep hoping things will ‘work themselves out’ in 2013. 
  7. Keep over-thinking the crap out of everything. 
  8. Keep seeking approval. 
  9. Keep telling yourself fairy tales. 
  10. Keep medicating, motivating and rewarding yourself with food. 
  11. Keep avoiding anything that makes you uncomfortable. 
  12. Keep feeling sorry for yourself.
  13. Keep doing what doesn’t work. 
  14. Keep having the same conversation with the same people about the same issues.
  15. Keep procrastinating; there’s always next year.


How'd you like them apples?  I'd say it was a good dose of truthful and tough love.  I know they made me really take a look at my life, my business, and my goals.  I'm having a hard time choosing a favorite, but I'd have to say it narrowly comes down to #13 "Keep doing what doesn't work".  

How about you?  Which one(s) struck a chord and will make you make a more positive change?