12 Ways to Make Change Stick

12 Ways to Make Change Stick

Yesterday I shared a Facebook post written by one of my favorite blog writers and motivational speakers, Craig Harper.  In light of the New Year and the time when people are most inclined and motivated to implement change in their lifestyle habits, Harper wrote a profound list called 15 Ways to Waste Another Year.  


I took that list and used it as a springboard jump and translated it to 15 Ways to Ensure that You are NOT Successful with your Corrective Exercise program, but you could just as easily translate that to any positive life changing habit you are trying to create for yourself.


Creating lasting change be it with a corrective exercise program or any other lifestyle habit isn't something that just magically happens by itself.  It takes a plan and concious effort.  Ever heard the quote by Michael Jordan


"Some people want it to happen, some people wish it would happen, and others make it happen"


~ Michael Jordan 


Whenever you are about to embark on change, it requires more than just a hope and a wish.  Real stick-to-it determination has to be applied when it comes to creating a change in mind (thought), action and habits.  I believe that you can make your intentions happen in 2013.  


What we learned by yesterday's post, was that if you continue to practice Insanity (doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results) then that's all you'll get.  Nothing.  The same outcome as before and a wasted year.  


BUT if you put your intentions down on paper and make yourself accountable by getting a partner or hiring a coach there's a much higher correlation to accomplishing your goal and achieving the success you are looking for.  


I invite you to share your intention with me if you need someone to be accountable to (I promise I won't beat you up!).  


I was pleasntly surprised that Mr. Harper followed up his post with 12 Ways to Make Change Stick!  Awesome.  Again, you can apply this to Achieving Success with Egoscue Approved Postural Therapy, to getting more sleep at night, avoiding processed foods, or eliminating toxic behaviors/relationships.  This list trancends it all.  I thought you'd all enjoy what he had to say.  


12 Ways to Make Change Stick  

by:  Craig Harper

  1. Don’t give yourself an escape clause.
  2. Create an accountability system.
  3. Identify your non-negotiable behaviours.
  4. Turn down the emotion and turn up the strategy.
  5. Identify what didn’t work last time.
  6. Exchange self-loathing for self-awareness.
  7. Don’t aim to undo ten years of bad habits in ten days (extreme doesn’t work).
  8. Be solution-focused not problem-focused.
  9. Don’t rely on (the emotional state of) motivation to get you there. 
  10. Get comfortable with discomfort. 
  11. Be productive and proactive early in the day.
  12. Hang out with people who will drag you up (not down).

Here at Pain Free Posture MN we're all about partnering with our clients to help them make these 12 Ways to Make Change Stick a reality!  


We're here to EMPOWER YOU to create the change you want to see in your life.  If you are in chronic pain, we start by identifying the ROOT CAUSE of your pain, and help you learn and implement your corrective exercises.  But there's more.  We'll also help you identify the negative thought patterns about yourself, your physical abilitites, and your body's innate capability to heal.  Sometimes our mind is our own worst enemy!  Like Pete Egoscue loves to say, "the body can heal itself if given just half a chance".  Sometimes we just have to stop the negative self talk!  


We'll call a spade a spade, but do it in a positive way to help you implement those positive changes in your thoughts, actions and habits to help you Achieve a Pain Free Life and Living!  


Be sure to check out our Testimonials  to see how our clients have done just that.


It would be my honor to be your coach.  If you're ready to take that next step, be it in-studio, online or via Skype, please reach out.  Remember, we're in this together, and I am here to help!

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Deb Preachuk is a Chronic Pain Pain Relief, Posture Restoration and Athletic Performance Enhancement pro specializing in corrective exercise, applied biomechanics, STOTT Pilates and functional movement patterns. 

Founder of Pain Free Posture MN,  Deb helps real people transform real-world chronic pain challenges into achievable results. Deb infuses her teaching with an honest, open and down-to-earth mix of chronic pain relief therapeutic modalities training techniques to make the concepts of pain relief and body/mind transformation accessible and achievable!