10 Ways to Treat Your Body with Respect

10 Ways to Treat Your Body with Respect

I love the concept of self-care and respecting your body.  To me, it represents an act of love that no one else can really do for you, and a life in balance.  

As I began prepping for this post, I fell in love with the statement and image found at The Emotion : Psychology and Self Improvement by Steve Handel.  

Handel writes:

Your body is the machinery that makes your life possible. Love it. Respect it. Feel blessed and grateful, no matter what – and take care of it as best as you possibly can. Watch what you consume. Be active and give your body the attention it deserves. Don’t ignore it. You only get one body to take care of, one shot to do your very best with what you have been given.

Amen to that Steve!   Personally, I don't believe that taking time for self-care is selfish.  

Think about it.  If you completely deplete yourself doing things for others at the expense of your own health, are you really helping anyone if you're physically, emotionally and spiritually burnt out?  

In our fast paced society, we are constantly on the go, bombarded by technology, sound bites of information and schedules.  Sadly, we are less active and functional than ever before as our lives revolve around sitting and the convenience of technology.  

All the more reason to to take time for one self,  and especially so if you are working to overcome a chronic pain situation which demands that you invest time in your health.

Learning how to balance oneself out in mind, body and spirit actually strengthens us and in my opinion, ultimately allows you to be more productive and better serve others in the long run.

So today I'm extremely pleased to bring you a guest blog called 10 Ways to RESPECT your Body, by a friend and colleague of mine.  Mary Kestin is the founder of Ensoma Body Works and practices out of Charlotte, NC.  Marty has some valuable input and advice to share which expands upon the concept of self respect through the act of self-care.

10 Ways to Respect Your Body

By:  Marty Kestin | Ensoma Body Works

  1. Eat more whole, unprocessed foods. To quote Jack Lalane, Americas original fitness guru who over 50 years ago said, “If man made it, don’t eat it.”
  2. Understand that balance (or imbalance) is the key to health or “dis”ease and strive consciously to achieve balance in exercise, rest, work, play and family time.
  3. Hear what your body is saying and listen to it. (Do you need…More rest? More exercise? Better food choices?
  4. Your body or mind created the physical problem and can also find the solution.
  5. Align with your higher self – that little voice, which steers you, when you are quiet and calm  towards peace and health.  Take time to listen to it via meditation or nature time with yourself.
  6. Harness the power of your mind. Are your thoughts hurting or healing you?  A great short and wonderful reference by Louise Hays called “Heal Your Body,” can help you in this area.
  7. List the things you are grateful for and contemplate them daily.  It will get your mind off the negative and into the positive and help your body feel better.
  8. You are the solution to any physical pain or discomfort. That’s right….If you are pro-active you are looking for the answer and not being a victim perpetuating the problem. You can never heal or feel healthy with a victim’s mentality.
  9. Ouch!  If it hurts (physically or mentally) to do a particular exercise, movement or thought pattern, please stop and try something that feels good. It may mean doing the complete opposite of what you are doing.
  10. Today is the most important day (do not worry about tomorrow or what did not happen yesterday)

I couldn't agree more!  

What do you think?  Are there some suggestions you plan to try on yourself?  Or better yet, what do you do right now to practice self-love and self-respect?  

About the Author | 

  Marty Kestin, BS, MSW, LMBT, has been helping people out of pain and into functional and vibrant lifestyles for 15 years.  As a pain-free and performance expert, Marty works with people suffering from chronic pain, joint, and orthopedic conditions, using a unique combination of neuromuscular bodywork and postural therapy to help restore comfort, ease, and freedom of movement.  Marty provides holistic information, treatment and self-care options so clients can return to active and pain – free lifestyles.