10 Ways to Overcome Obstacles and Procrastination to Make a Positive Change

10 Ways to Overcome Obstacles and Procrastination to Make a Positive Change

Here at Pain Free Posture MN I am in the positive change business.  Everyday I get to help people overcome work on accomplishing their personal health and fitness goals.  


I love what I do, and I love that my clients can archive the desired results, BUT ... it doesn't come without a commitment.  True and lasting change requires active participation on the part of the client in more than just dedication to exercise.  (Click here to read some testimonials).

3 Steps To Make a Positive and Permanent Change

Professionally, I believe that there are 3 steps you must actively take to make a positive and lasting change in one's life.  They are: 

  1. Change your Mind
  2. Change your Actions
  3. Change your Habits


In my experience and opinion, the biggest obstacle to making a positive change is simply inaction.  Putting off our good intentions and action for a later time.  Procrastination therefore, is the biggest hurdles to overcome when working to establish a new pattern of behavior.  Sometimes we get stuck in our minds and our previous history of experiences that those past experiences cause us to put off making a decision to act.


In January 2011, I read a fantastic article by Bobby Cappuccio on PTontheNet that illustrated the point beautifully.  He writes: 

Deception is a concept that is despised in our society. It violates our sense of fairness and arouses our instinctual nature to nurture and protect the victim. 

My question, as uncomfortable as it may be, is…Is it truly possible for a victim to be deceived if they’re not in some part a willing participant?

Every situation brings with it our own perception and interpretation, stemming from a lifetime of experiences, beliefs and values, and, therefore, biases. So our interpretation of events is the combination of fact and perception. Hence, every story we tell is, to a degree, fictitious. Could this be especially true regarding the stories we tell ourselves?

Man does that ever resonate with Pete Egoscue's last book Pain Free Living:  The Egoscue Method For Strength, Harmony and Happiness.  Often we get stuck in our "story" to the point that it paralyzes us into procrastination and ultimately inaction.  

With that in mind,  I'd like to share Cappuccio's list of 10 ways to overcome obstacles and procrastination so we can take that first and most important step and take action!


10 Ways to Overcome Obstacles and Procrastination

By Bobby Cappuccio

  1. Fear of criticism, rejection and failure are major reasons why people hesitate to take action. Understand that any significant goal will be met with resistance, skepticism and ridicule. Accept the fact that opposition may be a sign that you’re on the right track. No one who has ever done anything even slightly interesting has done it in the absence of criticism.  Albert Einstein said that great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.” Be open to feedback but accept that in the end if the feedback of a critic was of any value at all he/she would be doing something in the real world themselves instead of tearing down the ideas of others. Before allowing the opinion of another to distract you from important tasks, ask yourself, “Do I desire to be where he/she is in his/her career?” If not, who cares what they think?
  2. Set goals that you intensely desire to achieve. Review them daily. We persevere when our desires exceed our fears.
  3. Tell other people about what you intend to do. Use social pressure to make sure you follow through.
  4. Write a list of every action step you need to take in order to complete a task or project.
  5. Isolate the two most important tasks.
  6. Write drunk, edit sober! Not literally, this just means get going and build momentum. Don’t worry about perfection. Perfection is indefinable and, therefore, unattainable. Just produce. Later on, you can go back to your work and revise it.
  7. Similarly, the hardest part of dealing with anything is to simply get going: from a project to dating after a break-up or divorce to starting your life over in a new location. Identify one small action you can take just to get you started.
  8. Start with the task that causes you the most anxiety and frustration. Removing that task from the project makes the rest of the process seem much easier by contrast.
  9. Identify the consequences of not taking action. What is the most painful result of not getting started on the thing you’ve been avoiding? When the pain of not doing something exceeds the pain of doing it, it’s likely to get done. Think about how you feel about putting off your taxes two days before the deadline.
  10. Determine the areas of your life that are suffering the most not taking action and then list every benefit you believe you will experience as a result of doing what you know you should do.


I hope you found this article to be helpful and inspiring.  These ten tips are transformative if put into active practice.  Please reach out if you have questions/concerns.  We're here to help!