10 Steps To Successfully Overcome Chronic Muscle & Joint Pain

10 Steps To Successfully Overcome Chronic Muscle & Joint Pain

At Pain Free Posture MN, we believe that you can heal from chronic muscle and joint pain.  We also believe that Pain is a Signal.  If we do not heed the signal, ignore or symptomatically treat the pain, eventually the body will break down.

Pete Egoscue, author of Pain Free once stated "The body has great tolerance.  But it does not have infinite tolerance".  

That is so true!  I'd like to share 10 proven steps you can take to successfully overcome chronic musculoskeletal pain to achieve a pain free life and living.  

10 Proven Steps To Help You Successfully Overcome Chronic Muscle and Joint Pain:

We believe that chronic pain relief is not a "one-size fits all" approach.  At Pain Free Posture MN we partner with, and treat YOU, the whole you (mind, body and spirit) as more than a person with pain.  We're here to listen and coach you back towards trusting your body wisdom once again. Together we will work to:

  1. Analyze | Your posture in reference to anatomical blue-print design.  We will visually show you where your posture is off balance by taking photos and perform a gait analysis.  
  2. Identify | Your unique postural imbalances and isolate which joints are dysfunctional and/or compensating.
  3. Educate | Teach you how your current position (posture) is connected to your pain (symptom) and how your current movement patterns (dysfunctional or compensating) are tied together which resulted in pain/injury.
  4. Change | Partner with you to identify what needs to change in your daily thoughts, habits and actions for you to become pain free.
  5. Create | A personalized menu of corrective exercises based on your unique postural resotration needs. This will mitigate your pain, decrease compensations and restore correct joint function and motor patterns.
  6. Learn | How to do your specific corrective exercises and implement them on your own at home on a daily basis.
  7. Treat | Postural therapy works because we treat the body as a unit.  By isolating the primary dysfunction in your body we may begin working on an area far away from you pain.  Why?  It addresses and corrects the root cause of your postual imbalances, which ultimately reduces your pain by eliminating compensation movements.  
  8. Re-Assess | Schedule follow-up appointments so we can evaluate your progress, change the stimulus, and have a new menu of corrective exercises.  You'll continue progressing as your neuromuscular coordination improves and your body adapts and heals.
  9. Strengthen | As your pain is mitigated, your pelvis will neutralize and rotation will be eliminated.  We'll then be implement full body range of motion exercises to get straight, strengthen and restore full function to all your joints
  10. Empower | Learn to recognize new dysfunctions and compensations when they first appear and how to intervene before pain sets in.  You are now acting proactively and fully participating in preventative health care management!

If that sounds like what you'd like to do, please reach out.  That's what we're here for.  We'll help you get started.